{A Travel Guest Post} Perfect Places for Romance.

Trips to Make Your Heart Melt
Whoever said romance is dead was lying. I’m lucky enough to have been to some of the most romantic places on the planet, but there are still plenty more that I haven’t had a chance to visit quite yet. Finding that perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved one is well worth the effort, and can make such a difference. The difference between coming back with tales of a ‘nice vacation,’ or recalling every precious moment about ‘simply the best trip away… ever!’
A Hideaway From it All
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Heading off into the horizon with the love of your life has a wonderfully romantic image, so why do exactly that. Booking a weekend, or even a week, in a remote country cottage, mountain chalet, or beachside villa can be the perfect way to spend some uninterrupted romantic time. Whether it is close to home or in a far flung foreign land, being in a place where just the two of you can be together, away from city crowds or hordes of tourists can make sparks fly. You don’t need to take all that stuff you think you need while at home, all you need is each other. Strolls across countryside fields, evening walks along empty beaches, or enjoying fresh mountain air while enjoying breakfast on the terrace are just a few of the things you can do together. If you are not outdoor people then picture a blazing log fire, and the two of you curled up on a comfy sofa, while the snow falls across the window. Either way, seclusion is a great way to bring you closer together.
Cupid on a Cruise
A luxury cruise might not be the first type of vacation that pops into your head when thinking about romantic getaways, but don’t rule it out. Checking into a cozy cabin on-board an ocean liner and being transported to exotic destinations while you relax with all mod-cons gives all the time you need to get close and intimate. Many cruises lines now have special romantic cruises, where honeymoon suites can be booked, which come complete with extra-large beds, alfresco massage beds, and double loungers so you can lie back and enjoy a glass on fine wine under the stars. Carnival Cruises offer a feature on a number of their ships called ‘Serenity,’ which is an adult-only space featuring a bar and private whirlpools for you to unwind in. Norwegian Cruise Lines went one further than other cruise lines last year when they pretty much created a private ship within one of their cruise ships. The Norwegian Epic has a whopping 46 Courtyard Villas, six Penthouse Suites and eight Deluxe Owners’ Suites, which all have access to private whirlpools, saunas, and an exclusive restaurant.
If you are like me, then a trip around the Mediterranean on a cruise ship for a couple of weeks would be the perfect blend of European culture and luxury travel. Perhaps island hopping through the Caribbean would suit you better, or cruising the clear blue waters of the South Pacific. You can even take a cruise through the Baltic sea if you fancy something a bit cooler, just make sure you choose a cruise that suits the both of you, so that the stage is set for a perfect romantic environment.
Dreaming of a Desert Island
Palm trees, white sand beaches, cool clear water, and libido enhancing sunshine all combine to create one of the most sought after holiday scenarios. Almost everybody loves a holiday by the beach, but finding yourself on an idyllic desert island, where fresh coconut juice the favorite local drink, and fresh barbecued fish is always on the dinner menu, is something quite different. Immersing yourself in a much simpler, slower way of life gives you much more time to concentrate on each other, which is exactly what you should be doing while on a romantic vacation! Places like the Maldives, or islands in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean are great destinations, but to go one step further why not head to one of the remote Polynesian islands, like the Cook Islands for instance, to really feel far from home.
Make a Decision Together
The person you are with plays a big part in whether there are fireworks when you are alone in a foreign land, but setting the scene is important too. It can be hard to know exactly what sort of trip will make your partner’s heart begin to glow, but you have a bunch of options to choose from so start planning!
Guest post written by:  Laura Cleveland, Travel Writer

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