A Wish List of Travel Plans…?!

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It’s that time of year.  You know, the time of year that summer is somewhat coming to an end.  A pretty good indicator for me is all the teachers in my life heading back to school!  Yep, I have a lot of friends and family that were brave enough to commit to teach the youth of America!  They are Rockstars’ in my opinion!  I’m silly I know.

With summer coming to an end and fall almost upon us…that means football season is about to start!  More specifically, college football.  S and I are both Arizona State University alumni and we are both looking forward to the upcoming season.  We’ve added all the games to our calendar’s and are contemplating a few trips in-between, here and there, that we can “hopefully” fit in!  So, let’s just say that with work, college football, and traveling for work and fun, we have busy schedules.  But, we do manage to fit it all in and make time with friends and family.  And some weekends are just jammed packed!  We like it though.  However, I have to work around billing and month-end and make do. 

Anyhow, S and I talked about places we want to go to and see before year-end.  Pretty cool, huh?  I think so.  He actually made a list and printed it out.  I stuck in on the frig.  We even have “pictures” on it.  It’s a cool list.  And I’ll be honest something fun that we did together.  Yeah, I know it’s silly but, we are both on the same page about the trips and making a list!  I’m laughing as I type this blog post.  Because it’s not every day that you find a guy that you are “in-sync” with for something like this, right?!  Simply stated, for me, it’s cute that we are on the same page with the “list”. 

We are hopeful that we will be able to fit in a “few” more trips before year-end when time permits…

Oh, and we’ve already started discussing next year’s travel plans!!! No list yet…but, the list is already being formed!

How about you?  Do you have a year-end travel plans, a travel bucket list?  We all do silly things with the one we love; what do you do?

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