Notecards + Invites + Announcements and Veteran’s Day!

Blondie’s Shop specializes in bespoke invitations, handmade paper announcements, designer note cards and so much more! Each one of my handmade paper products will make a lasting impression on your recipient, Quality craftsmanship combined with a keen sense of detail makes my handmade product line second to none.

VetSaleToday the sale is in honor of all of those who have served!  Use “veteransday25” at checkout.  The sale will go through Wednesday, November 12th.

It’s those tiny little details that really matter when trying to make a moment special. For me, it has always been about the cards. No matter what the shape, size, color or occasion- I have always loved giving and receiving greeting cards. However, it wasn’t until I attended a scrapbooking party with a friend that I realized just how important cards were to become in my life. After spending the greater part of the evening selecting scrapbook paper, choosing embellishments and finally gluing everything together into a cohesive design – I was left speechless at the sight of my very first handmade Christmas card. Using red card stock and glistening glass particles, I created a frosty snowscape on the exterior of the card. I was so impressed with the finished product, that I made several more to send to all of my family members that holiday season. Little did I know then that the seed for my Etsy shop had already been planted!

Inspired by the world around me, I soak up patterns and colors in everyday objects that appeal to my sensibilities. I often translate those visual stimuli into bright and festive handmade greeting cards. I have made countless handmade cards for every occasion, including baby showers, weddings and birthday parties. I love being able to, in a small way, contribute to someone’s happiness.

As a bean counter by day, I cherish the evenings the most. Just as the sun slips away to make room for the moon, it’s time to bring out the ribbons, baubles and card stock to play! With my trusty sidekick Smokey (my silver Labrador puppy) at my feet, I often lose track of time and relish every morsel of creativity.

In my Etsy shop, “Blondie’s Shop“, I offer a variety of bespoke greeting cards for every occasion. With a keen sense of color and a dedication to detail, you won’t find greeting cards as lovely as mine anywhere else.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to thank those that have served.


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Hope you all have a wonderful Fall week!

Motivation Monday: How to be Content.


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This post says it all!  Be content by counting your blessings.  Life is a gift and each of us should cherish all that we have.  Every day may not be perfect but, we do have things to be thankful for!  Life isn’t perfect.

I’m thankful for my health, Mr. S and Ms. Smokey.  Life would be very bland without both of them.  Smokey’s that little something extra, that pizazz.  She definitely makes me smile, even when she’s naughty.  Ha!  And of course Mr. S’s grin…says it all!  That smile and I melt; it is a definite feel good “moment” when he looks at me and smiles.  See, it’s the little things.

What are you thankful for…?  Name 3 things.


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Blondie's Shop Labor Day Sale

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labor day weekend sale

Head on over now and use coupon code LABORDAY25 at checkout. Sale starts today and will end Tuesday 9/02/2014! Happy Labor Day!

The travel bug – What it means to travel

Howdy y’all,

Sergio here, (aka Antonio, Mr B, dearest darling, come here papi, and leporkstar etc), with a guest post about traveling.

As most of you know, or basically, have absolutely NO clue about me, or what the hell I do, (not going to disclose that yet because early retirement doesn’t count), one thing I certainly do is travel like there is no tomorrow.

Obviously, one of the first things people would ask is, how the hell can you afford the traveling? What I usually spew out of my mouth is, “None of your business”.

Actually that is a topic for another blog post.

I, for one, love to travel and have been doing so for the past 5 years constantly. Bouncing off  to Europe a few times a year, within the United States or even trying my luck with Canada after getting deported from there once. Because they think they are a real country.

Whatever the deal might be, traveling is something that for some of us, permeates the soul, enhances your knowledge, cultural and intellectual, as well as increase the breadth of your horizons. Last but not least, traveling teaches you tolerance.

Years ago I traveled with the ex-wife to Cancun, Mexico. The intention was to be horizontal at the beach, sip a Mojito, or 10, slowly roast under the sun to a crisp and check some tail on my part. Once there, we realized, there was more to it than just dodging the annoying time-share sharks at the airport and the all Americanized feel of the place. We didn’t waste time exploring ruins, traveling deep into the Yucatan peninsula visiting ancient Mayan architecture, temples, etc and all the while, learning from the locals and aboriginals about their culture, even if it didn’t differ much from mine. You see, I happen to be a Latino (*gasps! No shit!!) as well and even as such, I initially didn’t feel the need to do much exploring or seeing old crap that resembled my own country (Colombia), and well, my thing has always been European architecture and old Asian temples.

And getting drunk. Anywhere.

9643dfee2e011e69cb91f6c9a36830b9Boy was I mistaken.

Out of 2 weeks there, only 2 days were spent at the beach and the rest was exploring, learning and visiting. Much to my previous expectations, I fell in love with Mayan history and the Mexican culture overall, which even form a Latino’s point of view, was a very interesting and surprising learning experience.

Quoting St Augustine: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Even if it’s just locally or regionally, there are always places to go see and people to talk to. There is always people willing to give you directions to find the best hike somewhere, the best view to take pictures and also some people would just plainly tell you to fuck off. Right there you also learn first hand, who the assholes in the town can be. Aside from that, the locals from your own town can also be a source of cultural information. Making friends with your town’s locals, just as making friends with people from other countries if you travel abroad, you can discover and learn about their heritage, their customs and general diversity.

Depending on your type of travel, your tolerance can be also tested. Regardless of wether you are a creature built for comfort and 5 star hotels, or hiking and camping under millions of stars,  you may still run into language barriers, unpleasant places, confusing directions etc etc. The simple fact of dealing with navigating in a new place and finding your way around is a test of tolerance, which may include swearing, but that’s totally okay. In terms of “other” type of tolerance, mingling with the locals can land you a few free local drinks and new friends. Trying to learn a new language, when overseas or even imitate the local accent of any place below the Bible belt in the US, for example, is fodder for ensuing hilarity. You learn to imbibe aplomb, like the best of sweet water fish and your alcohol tolerance level also reaches new limits.

Regardless of your type of travel, regional or abroad, there is a great variety of things that can be acquired from it. Aside from the usual credit card debt we all incur into (because we’d suffer from nipple withdrawal from our financial institution otherwise), the knowledge and experience from a trip to any other country (because believe it or not, the US is not the only country in the world), to any other state or even to the next town over, your mind will automatically try to adapt to that new-ness of the place. It will try to embrace and understand it, as a survival instinct and test your tolerance levels. Wether is the new directions, the accent or different language from this new place, their traditions, (which may not be the same as yours), or simply, your blood tolerance to alcohol, even shit faced in a foreign country, your tolerance level has already increased significantly in more ways than one.




Transformation Tuesday: Organized Packing

Have any summer travel plans? Like Heather, I too enjoy myself some good travel experiences. But those travel experiences often bring the headache of packing: worrying I’ll forget something or over-packing! Whether you’re planning on packing a large suitcase or compact carry-on, these tips will help you maximize on the amount of space your travel bag offers.

Research – Look up weather conditions and types of activities you’ll be participating in. This will help you decide what types and styles of clothing you’ll need to bring.

Make an Essentials List – Long before I sit down and draft my essentials list, I’m daydreaming about what I want to bring on my trip, as well as stressing over things not to forget. Make a list of your essential toiletries, electronic device chargers (because we can’t live without our smart phones these days), jewelry, handbags, shoes, and clothing.

Lay Everything Out to Evaluate – Once you’ve gathered everything on your essentials list, lay everything out on an open space and begin to evaluate which things you could and could not go without on this trip. Traveling guru Rick Steve’s says it best: “When in doubt, leave it out. Don’t pack for the worst-case scenario. Pack for the best-case scenario and simply buy yourself out of any jams.”

Pack Versatile Clothing Items – Pack items that can go from day to night, cool to warm, casual to classy. If weather permits, pack layers instead of bringing a bulky jacket. Same goes for shoes. Pack shoes that go well with multiple outfits and can go from casual to classy.

Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding – Rolled clothes take up less space and allow you to easily tuck pieces into open areas. Rolling compresses your clothing down by allowing less space for layers of air to occupy. It’s actually been shown that if you leave your packed suitcase alone to settle overnight, you’ll actually increase your usable bag space by 8%. The power of gravity!

Cool Packing Gadgets – Take advantage of handy packing accessories like compression bags, cube sets, and toiletry organizers. These will help you compress and compartmentalize everything, making your bag a more organized one.

These organized packing tips are brought to you by Paige Norton, Community Manager for the garage storage and organization company Monkey Bars of Phoenix.

A 4th of July Pool Party BBQ

Happy 4th everyone!  I hope each of you have a fun and safe holiday with your family and friends.
A special shout out and thank you to our Armed Forces.  You know the ones that help make the United States of America the land of the free and the home of the brave!  Woohoo!  This ones for you.  Thank you!
Today will be a low-key, relaxing and enjoyable day!  Mr. S and I are celebrating Independence Day with a pool party bbq.  We had one of these last year and it seems to be coming a tradition.  The best part is that we get watch fireworks from “inside” the house!  We’ve got a great view from both sides!  It’s hot and humid anyhow today.  Yucky monsoon weather…
Here’s the skinny…   last night we had our first monsoon of the season.  Let’s just say it made a mess of everything outside.  Oh, and the pool is a wreck – we have mud pond.  A broken, mud pond.  Mr. S is not very happy right now.  A layer of dust on everything and I mean absolutely everything!  Yuck!   Needless to say, the pool is ummm, broken.  Lucky for us we area long time clients of the pool company and they are sending someone out.  Yay!  Fingers crossed.  
So, after a little bookkeeping, blogging (this post) and party prep we will be enjoying the afternoon with friends poolside, sipping frosty beverages and enjoying a tasty bbq and let’s not forget the fireworks!  And hopefully a fixed pool, even it’s temporary and get’s us through today!
I’ll be posting a few pics here and here throughout the day.
How are you spending the holiday?  At a… BBQ, pool party, beach, fireworks?  Don’t forget that no matter where you are, what you do and who you spend it with enjoy yourself and be safe!  PS – don’t think about any work today, it’s an order!  It’s a 3-day weekend so, enjoy it.  Your work will still be there on Monday morning.
CHEERS to a fabulous 4th of July!
PS – don’t think about any work today!  It’s an order.  Enjoy the 3-day weekend, you deserve it.  Don’t worry, the work will still be there on Monday morning.
Photo Credits:  top photos are my own and owned by / bottom photos on Pinterest

Motivation Monday: The Magic 5.

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I’m trying to be more productive and utilize my “free” time.  So, during my commute to and from work I listen to audio books.

I’m listening to Making Ideas Happen.  It is a phenomenal book and can’t believe I waited this long to read it.  I first heard about it early last year from this blogger’s fabulous column.

I have the actual book, purchased it before Santa brought the Kindle.  I’m a gal that likes turning paper pages anyhow, I do love my Kindle.  So, I purchased the Kindle version.  Actually, I purchased it so I could read it in bed at night and not bother S.

After, purchasing the Kindle version I was “prompted” to purchase whispersync for voice.  I’ve noticed it as an option and finally decided to check it out.

Whispersync for Voice works like this:  I can read the Kindle version or listen on my iphone (or Kindle) and it “syncs” my place or bookmark on both devices.  Pretty cool huh?!  I think so.

Something I have put into action since listening to the book…

I call it the Magic 5.  A list I now make every morning.  Daily, period.  No exceptions.  Every morning.

I write down the top 5 things I need to accomplish for the day, in no particular order.  It gives me focus that I need.  The Magic 5.  Ahhhhh…  It gives me a sense of accomplish when I cross those items off one by one. Woohoo!

Another item I’ve been working on as a result of the book too…checking my email twice per day.  Let’s just say that is a work in progress.  It’s incredible hard.  I check it whenever I am distracted.  Yes, distracted as Scott Belsky indicates.  Yes, sir…when I am distracted.  And its true.  Think about it.  Whenever you are distracted at work, what do you do?  Check your email, read the news, etc.?

Have you read Making Ideas Happen?  What did you think?  Do share.

Make it a great day!

Change is a-comin’!

Change.  It’s happening.  It’s coming.  It is the logical next step.  Period.
No additional discussion needed.  It’s been simmering!
Be on the lookout.  The blog, the shop will be a-changin’!  Small simple changes with big impact!  
I can’t wait.  Don’t you worry I’ll keep you posted.
Here’s a little visual motivation and realization when it comes to change.  Check out what Forbes Contributor, Cy Wakeman has to say about getting ready for change.  
The article is from January 2013 but, it resonates with me as I embrace “change”.
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Should We?

This “letter” I found directly on Tyler’s website
And let’s just say it definitely hot and sexy.
The question is “should we”? 
I think say YES, we should!
And you?