The things I miss…

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, in your car, and listening to “that” song and all of a sudden an old memory pops into your brain? The memory of course can be of someone, something, or somewhere. A number of different feelings can and do wash over you: joy, laughter, sadness, angry, or even just a smile (just to name a few). Periodically, this happens to me. However, for me it is typically of a person and a particular memory of that person. Well, there are people, places, things, and even feelings however, I won’t get that deep – I will share the actual concrete things at least in ‘this” blog entry.

To this day hearing the song “I wear my sunglasses at night” reminds me of my old friend, Pete; he used to wear his sunglasses at night. I am frequently reminded of Big Grandpa (my great grandpa). My sister, Melanie, and I will “pinky-swear on Big Grandpa” when something is really important and we want to ensure we are telling the truth. The key component is Big Grandpa used to make us pinky-swear with him, so, naturally of course we do it in his honor. Yes, at the ages of 28 and 34 we still do this…however, not recently – hmmm, maybe that means we are officially growing up and we trust that as adults we are telling the truth…? Too funny – I will have to run that one past Mel.

I think of people. I think of grandparents who have past away. My oldest and dearest friend, known since early childhood, Jason Sadowski, whom I have known since the age of 4 – we still speak today and frequently I might add; in addition, Jason and his wife, Brenda, are expecting their first baby! I am very excited and think they both will be wonderful parents. Oh, and all of the fun and mischief Jason and I got into when we were younger.

I think of Maxiemoose my dog; currently lives with “her” dad in Alaska. I think of the “fab” four from high school: Dena, Dana, Amy, and myself. Today, Amy is my best friend and we are both very important to one another’s lives. Over the years, I have reconnected separately with both, Dana and Dena as well. I miss my Uncle RJ and Aunt Virginia who live on the east coast, Martha’s Vineyard; I have a very special and unique relationship with them (different from my other aunts and uncles). I think of the “crew” from Alaska – I have reconnected with a handful of the crew on Facebook; don’t you just love the internet?!

I think of memories. The memories I miss the most are of being a child. I miss being silly and getting dirty…I was such a tomboy. I especially miss hanging out with Jason, my childhood friend, however, now I just call him when I need to talk or catch-up. I remember Melanie, my little sister, being little – Mel is all grown up now and married. Wow! Yes, little Mel is married. Ok, I have had several months to adjust so I need to just deal with it. I think the best part of Mel being Mrs. Korsten IS Mr. Korsten – I have a little brother (well, he is actually very tall)!!! Yes, awesome I know. Ok, what a “segue”…an idea for another blog…

I think of things. I miss the snow; at times I do miss the snow. I miss Alaska: the fresh, clean air, the wildlife, the beautiful terrain, the freedom (first time away from home at the age of 21). I think of time – where did it go? Life, it passes you by very quickly.

Even though I miss various people, memories, and things I still have the memories, the stories, the experiences, the pictures (visual and actual photos), the past, the thoughts…and the songs that remind me of the things I miss.

At times the things I miss make me wonder who and what really are important. Simply stated I need to remember: “Do not sweat the small stuff”. I need to remember that adding the occasional pinky-swear (with my sister) is necessary evil and advantageous to keep it real and young.

As Jiminy Cricket says “age” IS just a number…and I will live to be 103!

I hope you enjoyed a little of this and that, I did…until next time…

Finally, I started my blog!

Well, I finally started my blog…  So where do I begin?  There are so many choices to make.  I have to say this is going to be very fun for me.  I have always wanted to write — ahhh, yes I said it out loud.  A little weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Yes, I want to write.  Daily entries are the plan…  Cheers to my new blog!