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Even as a child, there was always something magical about receiving a card from a friend or a loved one. It didn’t matter if the occasion was a birthday, Valentine’s Day or even Christmas – the card was always the best part of the present! There really is nothing like opening the mailbox and finding a pretty colored envelope tucked deep inside. You know the feeling! The anticipation begins to rise as you fumble with the flap and wonder just what lies inside. And then you slip your fingers in and pull out a beautiful card that someone sent… just for you. Like I said, MAGIC!

Growing up, I loved visual and textural stimuli. I would get lost creating unique and original Play-Doh creations. It wasn’t long before I moved onto painting and was awakened to a world full of vibrantly hued brush strokes set against stark white paper. I spent hours painting and otherwise embellishing pieces of paper to gift to family and decorate my room.

So it was a natural evolution for me to begin card making. It all started innocently enough. A dear friend invited me to attend a “Scrapbooking Night”. It was a new experience, but one that I seized wholeheartedly. Using only a few bits of left over scrap paper and some embellishments, I created a joyful greeting card that was bursting with personality, color and pizzazz. I was hooked to say the least. The next day I began acquiring art supplies and created my own card making studio from the comfort of my home.

Each one of my handmade paper greeting cards are made with only the finest materials and are guaranteed to bring joy to your recipient.