2015: My Resolutions.

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2014.  What a year!  It flew bye.  Well, a little admission here, at the mid-way point I didn’t think 2015 would ever arrive!  It really dragged at a certain point.  Let me put this way, at the end of September the year took off in a sprint for year end finish line.

Woohoo!  2015 is finally here and I am ready to ROCK this year.  I will rock it!  I’m really excited about this year.  I feel it is truly going to be an amazing year, and absolutely wonderful on several levels.

As I reflect upon last year I’ve come up with Resolutions for the new year upon us:

  1. Lose weight.  10 to 15 pounds to be exact.  Let me be candid and state that all of my reasons, a-hem excuses, was not a good idea.  Consistency, commitment, motivation, and regime will be a huge key to my success here.  Stay tuned for my workout routine(s).
  2. Lose weight, 10-15 pounds to be exact.  My goal is the weight and change my curves as well.  Eat clean(er).  Smaller portions.  Consume less sugar.  Cut-out soda, period.  Increase water intake.  Keep, cheat days though – these are important.  Stay tunes for what I’ll be eating, how I made the adjustments and yep, I’ll share the recipes.
  3. Have more fun!  RELAX and enjoy life more.  Smell the roses.  Take (more) deep breaths.  Less sighs and eye rolls.  Less stress altogether, life’s too short.
  4. Do more actives for me.  A few that I will devote more time to:  blogging, crafts/DIY and sending out snail mail.  Be on the lookout … you might receive some!  
  5. Get Number Nerd Bookkeeping Solutions off the ground!  Shhh… my goal is January 31st.
  6. Be more realistic with my to-do list(s), expectations and goals.  Admission: I have a serious problem with this area of my life and I’m very hard on myself when I don’t make my deadlines.  Eeek!  Work-in-progress.
  7. Last but, not least blog consistency.  Stay tuned for updates on what is to come on the blog this 2015, post(s) in the works!
  8. Travel more!

Did you make any resolutions for 2015?  Any exciting plans, goals or trips?

Make it a great start to the week!


Motivation Monday: Wake up. Kick ass. Be kind. Repeat.

wake up kick ass be kind repeat_heatherpranitisdotcom

The title says it all.


Make this Monday the best you’ve ever had.

Make 3 goals, outline and get them done!

Make it a super great Monday and then some!

It’s a short week and it’s Christmas in 3 days – make it count!


…what are we busy about?


Words to ponder on Hump Day.  What are we busy about?

In my field, I’m always busy this time of year.  Always.  I’m in accounting.

But, seriously, what are we really “busy” about?


The Key: let’s get motivated!

lets get motivated_11

At times, we all need to step away, step back, breathe.  No rush to judgment.  Pause, then ponder.   Time to re-evaluate.  Use paper and pen – write it out.  De-code the pro’s and con’s.  Sometimes, this process takes a bit of time…  And more deep breaths too.  And at times, talk it out.

When doubt or uncertainty lingers, do nothing.  Wait.  Continue to ponder.

After the deep breathes, the pondering, the evaluation – a decision has been reached.  Yay or nay…

You navigate the steps.  Outline it.  A plan formulates.  It all comes together.  Action “is” next and most importantly, you get MOTIVATED!!!

Has this happened to you?  What did you do?  How did you navigate through it?


{Image created by heatherpranitis.com}

Motivation Monday: How to be Content.


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This post says it all!  Be content by counting your blessings.  Life is a gift and each of us should cherish all that we have.  Every day may not be perfect but, we do have things to be thankful for!  Life isn’t perfect.

I’m thankful for my health, Mr. S and Ms. Smokey.  Life would be very bland without both of them.  Smokey’s that little something extra, that pizazz.  She definitely makes me smile, even when she’s naughty.  Ha!  And of course Mr. S’s grin…says it all!  That smile and I melt; it is a definite feel good “moment” when he looks at me and smiles.  See, it’s the little things.

What are you thankful for…?  Name 3 things.


The travel bug – What it means to travel

Howdy y’all,

Sergio here, (aka Antonio, Mr B, dearest darling, come here papi, and leporkstar etc), with a guest post about traveling.

As most of you know, or basically, have absolutely NO clue about me, or what the hell I do, (not going to disclose that yet because early retirement doesn’t count), one thing I certainly do is travel like there is no tomorrow.

Obviously, one of the first things people would ask is, how the hell can you afford the traveling? What I usually spew out of my mouth is, “None of your business”.

Actually that is a topic for another blog post.

I, for one, love to travel and have been doing so for the past 5 years constantly. Bouncing off  to Europe a few times a year, within the United States or even trying my luck with Canada after getting deported from there once. Because they think they are a real country.

Whatever the deal might be, traveling is something that for some of us, permeates the soul, enhances your knowledge, cultural and intellectual, as well as increase the breadth of your horizons. Last but not least, traveling teaches you tolerance.

Years ago I traveled with the ex-wife to Cancun, Mexico. The intention was to be horizontal at the beach, sip a Mojito, or 10, slowly roast under the sun to a crisp and check some tail on my part. Once there, we realized, there was more to it than just dodging the annoying time-share sharks at the airport and the all Americanized feel of the place. We didn’t waste time exploring ruins, traveling deep into the Yucatan peninsula visiting ancient Mayan architecture, temples, etc and all the while, learning from the locals and aboriginals about their culture, even if it didn’t differ much from mine. You see, I happen to be a Latino (*gasps! No shit!!) as well and even as such, I initially didn’t feel the need to do much exploring or seeing old crap that resembled my own country (Colombia), and well, my thing has always been European architecture and old Asian temples.

And getting drunk. Anywhere.

9643dfee2e011e69cb91f6c9a36830b9Boy was I mistaken.

Out of 2 weeks there, only 2 days were spent at the beach and the rest was exploring, learning and visiting. Much to my previous expectations, I fell in love with Mayan history and the Mexican culture overall, which even form a Latino’s point of view, was a very interesting and surprising learning experience.

Quoting St Augustine: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Even if it’s just locally or regionally, there are always places to go see and people to talk to. There is always people willing to give you directions to find the best hike somewhere, the best view to take pictures and also some people would just plainly tell you to fuck off. Right there you also learn first hand, who the assholes in the town can be. Aside from that, the locals from your own town can also be a source of cultural information. Making friends with your town’s locals, just as making friends with people from other countries if you travel abroad, you can discover and learn about their heritage, their customs and general diversity.

Depending on your type of travel, your tolerance can be also tested. Regardless of wether you are a creature built for comfort and 5 star hotels, or hiking and camping under millions of stars,  you may still run into language barriers, unpleasant places, confusing directions etc etc. The simple fact of dealing with navigating in a new place and finding your way around is a test of tolerance, which may include swearing, but that’s totally okay. In terms of “other” type of tolerance, mingling with the locals can land you a few free local drinks and new friends. Trying to learn a new language, when overseas or even imitate the local accent of any place below the Bible belt in the US, for example, is fodder for ensuing hilarity. You learn to imbibe aplomb, like the best of sweet water fish and your alcohol tolerance level also reaches new limits.

Regardless of your type of travel, regional or abroad, there is a great variety of things that can be acquired from it. Aside from the usual credit card debt we all incur into (because we’d suffer from nipple withdrawal from our financial institution otherwise), the knowledge and experience from a trip to any other country (because believe it or not, the US is not the only country in the world), to any other state or even to the next town over, your mind will automatically try to adapt to that new-ness of the place. It will try to embrace and understand it, as a survival instinct and test your tolerance levels. Wether is the new directions, the accent or different language from this new place, their traditions, (which may not be the same as yours), or simply, your blood tolerance to alcohol, even shit faced in a foreign country, your tolerance level has already increased significantly in more ways than one.




A 4th of July Pool Party BBQ

Happy 4th everyone!  I hope each of you have a fun and safe holiday with your family and friends.
A special shout out and thank you to our Armed Forces.  You know the ones that help make the United States of America the land of the free and the home of the brave!  Woohoo!  This ones for you.  Thank you!
Today will be a low-key, relaxing and enjoyable day!  Mr. S and I are celebrating Independence Day with a pool party bbq.  We had one of these last year and it seems to be coming a tradition.  The best part is that we get watch fireworks from “inside” the house!  We’ve got a great view from both sides!  It’s hot and humid anyhow today.  Yucky monsoon weather…
Here’s the skinny…   last night we had our first monsoon of the season.  Let’s just say it made a mess of everything outside.  Oh, and the pool is a wreck – we have mud pond.  A broken, mud pond.  Mr. S is not very happy right now.  A layer of dust on everything and I mean absolutely everything!  Yuck!   Needless to say, the pool is ummm, broken.  Lucky for us we area long time clients of the pool company and they are sending someone out.  Yay!  Fingers crossed.  
So, after a little bookkeeping, blogging (this post) and party prep we will be enjoying the afternoon with friends poolside, sipping frosty beverages and enjoying a tasty bbq and let’s not forget the fireworks!  And hopefully a fixed pool, even it’s temporary and get’s us through today!
I’ll be posting a few pics here and here throughout the day.
How are you spending the holiday?  At a… BBQ, pool party, beach, fireworks?  Don’t forget that no matter where you are, what you do and who you spend it with enjoy yourself and be safe!  PS – don’t think about any work today, it’s an order!  It’s a 3-day weekend so, enjoy it.  Your work will still be there on Monday morning.
CHEERS to a fabulous 4th of July!
PS – don’t think about any work today!  It’s an order.  Enjoy the 3-day weekend, you deserve it.  Don’t worry, the work will still be there on Monday morning.
Photo Credits:  top photos are my own and owned by heatherpranitis.com / bottom photos on Pinterest

Motivation Monday: The Magic 5.

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I’m trying to be more productive and utilize my “free” time.  So, during my commute to and from work I listen to audio books.

I’m listening to Making Ideas Happen.  It is a phenomenal book and can’t believe I waited this long to read it.  I first heard about it early last year from this blogger’s fabulous column.

I have the actual book, purchased it before Santa brought the Kindle.  I’m a gal that likes turning paper pages anyhow, I do love my Kindle.  So, I purchased the Kindle version.  Actually, I purchased it so I could read it in bed at night and not bother S.

After, purchasing the Kindle version I was “prompted” to purchase whispersync for voice.  I’ve noticed it as an option and finally decided to check it out.

Whispersync for Voice works like this:  I can read the Kindle version or listen on my iphone (or Kindle) and it “syncs” my place or bookmark on both devices.  Pretty cool huh?!  I think so.

Something I have put into action since listening to the book…

I call it the Magic 5.  A list I now make every morning.  Daily, period.  No exceptions.  Every morning.

I write down the top 5 things I need to accomplish for the day, in no particular order.  It gives me focus that I need.  The Magic 5.  Ahhhhh…  It gives me a sense of accomplish when I cross those items off one by one. Woohoo!

Another item I’ve been working on as a result of the book too…checking my email twice per day.  Let’s just say that is a work in progress.  It’s incredible hard.  I check it whenever I am distracted.  Yes, distracted as Scott Belsky indicates.  Yes, sir…when I am distracted.  And its true.  Think about it.  Whenever you are distracted at work, what do you do?  Check your email, read the news, etc.?

Have you read Making Ideas Happen?  What did you think?  Do share.

Make it a great day!

Change is a-comin’!

Change.  It’s happening.  It’s coming.  It is the logical next step.  Period.
No additional discussion needed.  It’s been simmering!
Be on the lookout.  The blog, the shop will be a-changin’!  Small simple changes with big impact!  
I can’t wait.  Don’t you worry I’ll keep you posted.
Here’s a little visual motivation and realization when it comes to change.  Check out what Forbes Contributor, Cy Wakeman has to say about getting ready for change.  
The article is from January 2013 but, it resonates with me as I embrace “change”.
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Should We?

This “letter” I found directly on Tyler’s website
And let’s just say it definitely hot and sexy.
The question is “should we”? 
I think say YES, we should!
And you?

A Well Spent Sunday: Enough Said.

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This quote says it all! 
Funny, I’m not doing much today – other than working on the blog.  
 I decided to take it easy, relax and be nice to my shoulder.  S, also suggested I relax.  I’m actually taking his advice.  You see, I’ve been dealing with a pinched nerve in my shoulder for the last 2 weeks.  Let me just say that it has not been a whole lot of fun.  Not at all.  Not even close! 
Anyhow, I’m working on setting up my week right.  Hope you are as well!

When In Doubt – STOP!

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Sometimes, you just need to S-T-O-P!  Stop.  {insert breathe here}  Think. {insert exhale here} Observe.  {insert another exhale here} Proceed. {insert breathe here}

I’m at an impasse.  I’ve reached a point of no return.  For starters I’m just going to stop, breathe, and sit back and think about things.  No need to rush.  Definitely no need for that.

So, what better way to deal with the matter-at-hand.  Sit back and think awhile.

I’ve decided I’ll think about it, write about it, sketch it, and ponder it.  All while I’m thinking, breathing and probably doing a few yoga videos.

I’m on a mission.  I need to think clearly and make the right decisions moving forward.

Stay tuned.  I’ll keep you in the know.

Anyone else experience the need to STOP!!!!!!!!  I’d love to hear from a few of you that are reading this thinking “yes, boy has Heather nailed this post”…  Do tell.  I’m waiting!

Happy Hump Day and make it a great one!

Motivation Monday: 4 Step Lesson to be Content…

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Can you tell this month’s Motivation Monday has a theme?  It’s being content.  It’s a state of being.  And it’s definitely a process. Harder for some and easier for others.  Last week was 7 Ways to be More Content.

Are you content?  What does being content mean to you?

I’m content with my life.  Well, in all honesty, certain aspects I am and other parts not so much.  There are a few areas I’d like to improve that are a work in progress (as I type this).  The process isn’t painful it’s just time consuming, repetitive – you know the drill.  I’m excited about the upcoming contentment and change that it will bring – and positive energy, attitude and hard work that is going into it!

Being content to me is being happy and positive about all aspects and things in life.  Being able to roll with the changes if you will.

I guarantee I am not the only one wanting  more, needing more, or making changes.  Do you agree?  Do you feel this way?  Are you working on things, trying to better yourself and be more content?

I’m constantly reading and searching for positive sources in life and ones for women to read, ones that encompass all facets of life.  Let me tell you – I found that source!  The Darling Magazine the art of being a woman states Four Keys to Being Content are…

1) Practice being grateful.  2) Stop comparing.  3) See life in seasons.  4) Celebrate others.

Head over to the Darling Magazine and read the “key” explanations here.  I really enjoyed the article and have added the Darling as one of my daily go-to reads.  It’s a well-rounded online magazine for women and I enjoyed perusing around the site – I don’t want to give too much away so, go ahead…check it out!  And do tell me what you think!

It’s important to be happy and content with your life.  I’m already one step ahead here because I already practice being grateful by writing a daily gratitude in my Day Designer and scribbling positive things from y day in my journal every night before I go to bed.  It’s important to be positive, be happy, and acknowledge what you do have and to be thankful and appreciative for it.  Plus, it’s a way to clear the day (positive and negative) and start fresh for the next day!

Make it a great day!  Make it a content day.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s lesson on being content.

Motivation Monday: 7 Ways to be More Content.

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I went to parochial school for half my life.  Regularly attended church – sometimes several times a week. Although, currently, I don’t regularly attend church…  But, boy this is a phenomenal start to the week!

Let’s all work on being more content.  It’s an important thing.  I think each of us can handle these 7 ways to be becoming a more content individual, don’t you agree?  Religious or not.

Make it a great one!  A content one.

BlondiesShop.com Creative Inspiration: where does it come from?

Blondie’s Shop note cards.  And the creative “genius” inspiration behind them.  Note: the genius is me (if you didn’t already know)! 
You know, it dawned on me the other day…I’ve never talked about “how” I make cards at Blondie’s Shop.   Never! Can you believe that?  I’m talking about the inspiration, the concept of each design.  You know, the design concept.  You know “the prior” to putting the card together – the figuring out the “actual” design…cutting the paper, measuring ribbon, glue, ink color, etc.  You get what I mean, the “details” part.  
Don’t worry, I’ll explain the step-by-step, putting it together in another post.
Lately, I’ve had a few people comment and ask about the creativity behind the note cards at BlondiesShop.com.  The inspiration behind the ideas, color schemes, textures, embellishments…  The placement of all the details.  So, I thought I’d explain it here!

Hmmm, where does the inspiration come from…?  Oh where, oh where does it come from…?
Honestly, it comes to me at purely randomly times.  Purely random.  Seriously, it does.  Although, I must say, typically, it’s while I’m in the car.  I’m in the car roughly 2-1/2 to 3 hours a day, commuting to and from work.  So, let’s just say that I have time to think and ponder things…  Funny, right?  
{Fashion Girl Cards by www.BlondiesShop.com}
So, I was thinking about the Fashion Girl Cards in geometric shapes and colors of navy blue, ivory, fuchsia and gold.  I was pondering adding more pizazz.  You know, jazzing them up.  Add a little of …this & that… to them!  Exciting, right?!  I like to think so.
…Oh, last week, the inspiration came from a friend.  Hence, yesterday’s post with the bumble bee sneak peek…  I’m making the very special note card set(s) for her, however, she’s graciously allowed me to create the bumble bee line! Yippee!  I can’t wait! Stay tuned…
So…I search on Pinterest once the “inspiration” has hit… or Etsy if I know exactly what I’m looking for with regard to paper – you see, I use digital paper.  I can “reprint” the paper over and over (if need be).  More details on this process in the next post…
So, earlier this week…the inspiration was glitter, sparkle and girlie.  Oh, and fairy dust.  Here’s what my Pinterest “search” pulled….
{via here}
{via here}

{via here}
{via here}
I’m so inspired by this one it’s my iPhone screensaver!

Pretty sparkly and inspiring don’t you think?  You are probably dying to know what changes the “inspiration” inspired….?!  I bet you are!  Stay tuned and you’ll find out soon!  I’m waiting for the embellishments and pizazz to arrive…

Motivation Monday: Get Active.

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Just do it.  Yep, just do it.  Make the commitment and do it.  Get active.  Get moving.  Make it happen. Commit.  You’ve got this.

Tell a friend, make the commitment, have them hold you “accountable”.  
I’ve done this in several aspects of my life.  Sometimes, you need a “close” someone to hold you accountable and check you. 
Ms. C, holds me accountable regularly.  She’s my “go-to” person when I need a boost or need her to “check” me, “re-focus” and get back on track.  We all need someone like this in our life, outside of our loved ones.
So, for today.  Get active.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be workout related but, you get the hint.  Get active.  Make a plan.  Hold yourself accountable.  
Get active!  Make it a great day!

Motivation Monday: Good Energy is Contagious.

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On Monday’s, I always start the week in a positive way.  Always.  Period.  I’ts a new week, let alone a new day.  Last week has been wiped clean.  So, start fresh!  Every single week this happen.  So, make it a great one!

Try something a little different…

I make it a point to smile at everyone I encounter throughout the day, period.  Even people I don’t know.   Some of the time, I even say hello.

Oh, and if you are lucky enough to ride the elevator with me first thing in the morning or end of the day…you experience quite a treat!  I make it a point to tell the fellow passengers have a wonderful day or have a nice evening… You get the point!

Are you wondering why I regularly interact and banter with complete strangers?!  My mind thought is this… You know never who is having an unpleasant day, a really crappy day or just plain horrible day – an adding a little something positive, maybe motivational…  Better yet, that someone might just need a “pick-me-up”…so, why not smile at them and maybe add “have a wonderful day”!

What do you think?  Easy, peasy, right?  Yep, it sure is.

Smile, and make someone’s day!  It’s a “feel good” activity on this fine Monday.  Add some “cheer” to those around you and that complete stranger.

Make it a great one and smile!

Motivation Monday: Think Positive!

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When in doubt think positive.  It’s all you really can do.  There is no point in being negative in any-way-shape or form.  It’s just not worth it.  Actually it is really exhausting.  Trust me, I know.  

Clear that’s negative thoughts right out of your brain.  Press the “clear” button.  Be positive!  Every positive thought is a step in the right direction, period.  Enough said.

Make today a great Monday, a positive one!  Have an absolutely fabulous day.

Motivation Monday: 6 Weeks to a Flatter Stomach…Give me a 12 week Commitment!

I’m on a mission!  A fitness mission that is!  I am committed to getting back on track with my work out regime.

Adding arms and (more) abs this week.  I think my stomach is pretty flat, however, let’s just say that they aren’t defined like they used to be…ahhh, let’s say about a 1-1/2 ago.  But, then again, that’s what happens when you don’t regularly workout.  I’m back on the cardio program.  I made a conscious decision that working out needs to happen regardless of my work commute, stress level or lack of desire to simply do so.  Period.

I like working out.  I enjoy how I feel during and after.  I like the endorphins.  The high.  And of course the obvious…change in the tone and definition of my body.

{via here}

I’ve been conscious of what I eat and my lack of exercise since January 1, 2014.  Well, before that…but, you get the “gist”…   My meal portions were more than they needed to be.  I was eating for comfort.  Still do, but, more in moderation now.  I’m more “aware” that I do it.  Since I’ve adjusted my portions I’ve noticed that a few pieces of clothing are no longer tight.  Kiddos to me!  So, the “portion control change” to my diet has worked.  Now, I’m going to step things up a notch.   Oh, and I stopped drinking my “fountain soda” for a few months and drink make an effort to drink more water.  I’ll admit though that I have had a soda or two in the last few weeks…stress level  has been a little elevated.  A weakness for me.  It happens…what are you gonna do?!  Right…

{my abs, courtesy of  hot yoga, cardio and weights, in July 2012}

As we age, metabolism “changes” and things like  it’s not as easy as it used to be.  Shaking your head in agreement aren’t you…?  This happens to.  Each of us needs to accept it and move forward.

Alright, its time…let’s do this!  Here’s the ab plan I’m going to follow (below).  I’ll share the arm plan next week.  It’s a 6 week plan.  I’m committing to 12 weeks.  I am determined to see this through!

And yes, I’ll take and share current “before” and “progress” photos.

Add caption

Are you on board?  These are relatively easy ab exercises to do.  If you are unsure of how to do them go to youtube or google them.  I bet Pinterest has some “how-to” explanation for them.

Happy Monday!  Let’s do this!