Are You Ready for The Everygirl’s 30-day Challenge: 30-Days of Journaling?

I am!  I am!  Who else is with me?  I know Mrs. P is participating.  So here’s the skinny…the challenge is to write in a journal, every day, for 30-days.  There’s a reason behind it.  Head over to The Everygirl and check out the challenge here.

I haven’t written in an “actual” journal in…forever.  To me, its a way to unload and remove all the crap in my brain.  It’s a reset of sorts.  A release.

Do you journal?  What does it mean to you?  Will you be participating?  I hope so!

Motivation Monday: Overcomer.

A little something different today. 

A good friend, Ms. C, shared this song with me a few weeks ago.  I needed a little perspective, to “check” myself.  She gave me a little nudge in the right direction and a different point of view.  It’s important that we all have friends and loved ones in life than “know us” and can “provide” this when we need it.  S (the BF) points me in the right direction when I need it as well.

It’s a beautiful song and definitely put things in perspective.  Sometimes we all need to pause, step-back and re-evaluate things.  I hope this helps you see something different. 

Thanks Ms. C!  You are the greatest.

Motivation Monday: Hustle.

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In honor of watching American Hustle over the weekend, I thought this “motivation” was perfect for today.  Let’s hustle baby!  Right?!  Enough said.  Ha-ha!

Side note, I need to admit that I’m not too sure I liked the movie.  Let me clarify, I liked it but, it just seemed to be allover the place…?!  Yes, no?  Am I crazy thinking this?  However, I do completely understand why all four main characters where nominated for Oscars, it’s obvious they were phenomenal.  And then some.  S and I did decide that we’ll watch again and see if we feel the same way.

Have an absolutely wonderful Monday!  Let’s hustle!


Friday Faves: It’s Friday #TGIF! No. 1

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I’m extremely glad today is Friday!  Yes, yes and yes some more.  YES!!!  Are you hearing reading what I’m saying?!  I’m probably more excited about it than usual because I am “still” adjusting to being back from a few days of vacation!  Ooops, yes, I was gone…I was a bit incognito about it.  But, if you follow me on Instagram or by searching for @_thisandthat_ you knew I was somewhere fun, doing really fun things!  Anywho…

So, excited today is Friday!

A typical Friday for me is wake-up at 5:15 a.m. if not before.  Any week day is “this” typical for me…  Thanks to my trusty Fitbit alarm.  If you have one, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Usually, though I’m up-an-adam before it even goes off.  Well, wait…let me clarify…I’m up (sort of), however, I’m still in bed and not awake just yet…  It takes awhile, S (my BF) can attest to this.  I need my coffee!!!!  I’m not a talker in the morning either.  In all honesty, S, is probably reading this shaking his head in agreement and “thinking” I need to “insert” some commentary here about Heather not being awake…  He he.


Sooooo, back to my typical Friday morning:  I clean.  Yep, you read that correctly, I clean the bathrooms.  Every Friday morning.  Period.  Then I make my coffee.  Well, coffee is made after the first bathroom is done and I’ve checked my email.  Too funny, I know!  But, it’s so very true.  No joke!

And then, the usual, get ready for work routine and my long drive to work.  Yep, long drive…to and from.  Let’s just say I spend a lot of time in my car and have a great selection of music and “car” radio routine.  That’s a post for another day.  A detailed post.  Too funny!  Yes, I can really devote an entire post to my commute to and from work and what goes on during that time frame.

Gosh, I must be cracking you up right now!  I’m chuckling as I write this.

A funny little tidbit from today…

Speaking of the-usual-get-ready-for-work-routine… Somehow, someway I deviated from my “usual” routine and completely forgot deodorant and perfume this morning!!!  I was still on the highway, almost to my exit and it dawned on me that I forgot to put it on.  I was like, oh my goodness!  Don’t worry I picked up some deodorant and was good to go.  Well, actually a fabulous co-worker grabbed some for me.  So sweet of her and it gave her quite the chuckle too! S, the BF, laughed too!  You can laugh, it’s ok, I won’t be offended.  It’s funny, I know.  It happens, part of life.  Sometimes, you just forgot the deodorant!

Sometimes you just need a laugh.  A laugh-out-loud laugh!  You know what I mean jelly bean?!

Happy Friday and make it a great one!  Any fun and exciting plans this weekend?

Cocktails & a Chat with Mr. Antonio on Aging.

I was kindly asked to post about aging, and not sure what Heather, bff lady had in mind, but I think she was calling me old.
Not like she’s that far behind either, anyways. 🙂
One of the things about life that has become of prime concern for those of us in the mid 30s range (anything between 33 and 39 is still mid 30’s so hush), is certainly aging. Sometimes we start thinking about it as soon as we turn a certain age, we feel it in our bodies, or don’t feel, depending on the season, anything that spells relaxation sounds like the perfect time and the attitude towards people in general, shifts towards absolute bitterness.
**While we have this chat, I’d like to enjoy it with a nice glass of Apple Martini with the following ingredients:
-A nice, slender looking and tall martini glass
-Whatever ingredients are in an apple martini drink
-Some ice 
The benchmark for me was the very day after I turned 30, when I felt a lot of shit started happening to my body. Not only did next day’s hangover feel like being on my death bed and wishing to end it all, but also, back pain started developing, joints snapped more often or they just ended up making funny sounds and allergic reactions started to appear for no apparent reason other than being 30. As the decade progressed, aside from body parts snapping in and out of place more frequently, others, which come in pairs, in about 10 years time, look like they will end up being dragged across the floor.
A future geographical location seems to matter as well. When I was younger, I remember going with relatives to trips out in the country and noticing how boring life must be in a farm, a small town or a rural area where there’s only nature, animals and the occasional human being. Nowadays, driving through a small farming town or the countryside seems like the most idyllic place to live and spend the rest of my life. Far away from everything, especially people.
Of equal importance, I’ve noticed that we men are grumpier as we get older and aging seems to be an acceptable excuse for this to happen. We start putting up less with shit from others, giving a rat’s ass about anyone and generally developing this apathy for people approaching one’s breathable vicinity.  Or maybe it’s just me.  For some of us who have been told that we are going to end up old, grumpy and alone, we don’t have a problem being labeled as an old sour fuck and starting to act like one already. Good practice for the future. By 70, I think it should be perfectly acceptable to just be left alone, in a farm, with a gun, redneck style and whomever gets close to one’s perimeter, pop a cap in his ass just because. (It’s usually a dude stirring up shit).
Of course this is wishful thinking because in the end, I may end up with a bunch of grand kids to take care of and chickens to feed and it all sounds perfectly fine to me. 
As a side note, I would have mentioned something about aging and maturity but I refuse to grow past 14, so the topic is irrelevant.

Cocktails & A Chat with Mrs. P on Aging.

Let’s chat!

HA!  When I read that this week’s topic was on aging I thought….how freaking appropriate.  And for this topic ironically enough my cocktail of choice is coffee.  Plain ole coffee with a dash of caramel macchiato creamer.  My coffee mug today has a picture of two of my three little people on it.  Let’s just say for the sake of their privacy their names are Peanut and Bubby.  Peanut is 5 going on 25 and Bubby is 16 months.  Nugget is just a wee baby.
Aging is a topic that is now highly debated.  It used to be that when we thought of aging the first thing we thought of was hospice.  HA HA.  Now, at least when I think of aging I think of growing wiser and becoming more fit so that I do not have to battle physical health.

Oh my random thought just now.  If I were to actually have my cocktail of choice at 8:48 in the morning it would be a beer margarita.

Mrs. P’s Beer Margarita (Woot Woot)

4 beers (XX, Miller Lite, or Rolling Rock)

1 can of frozen limeade

Using the limeade can fill 3/4 with tequila and dump it in

Using that same can fill 1/4 with triple sec

You can alter the ingredients once done to suit your taste.   Happy Drinking.

Oh and one more thing.  If you are going to have a job in your 20’s or want awesome friends please make sure one of them in an EMT so that they can give you IV fluids in the morning.  Do not ever tell this to your children.

Back to the topic at hand.  Fair warning it’s going to be more of a rant that a discussion.  When I was in my 20’s I thought nothing could go wrong.  I moved all over the damn country screwing up my life just a little at a time.  I did not realize that lack of sleep and excessive amounts of drinking would affect me when I was older.  Now I am considered old (just ask any questionnaire) and I struggle to stay healthy.  I have gallstones.  I have had three c-sections.  My eyes are going to shit.  I just had the worst haircut of my life which was luckily by the grace of God fixed by someone else.  I am here to say that a haircut can really damage a middle aged woman’s self-esteem.  WTF!  Who knew a haircut meant so much.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wait!  Gel nails!  Oh Maaaaaa Gahhhhhhh I love me some gel nails.  Best invention ever.  So, I don’t think I am having any more kids.  Maybe we will adopt but that is still up for consideration.  My #1 said he already adopted a kid (Peanut is mine from a previous hot mess) that doesn’t like him so why would he want to adopt another that doesn’t like either of us.  LMAO! HA! Word!  But seriously, it’s up for consideration.

My days of excessive drinking are over for many reasons. 1. I nurse my little nugget. 2. It makes me want to smoke. 3. I hate hangovers and don’t know any EMTs that can come to my rescue.

Speaking of smoking I was a smoker for many years.  I can “feel” it now that I am older.  I started when I was 17 and quit at 33.  YIKES.  Hello black lunged demon.  I hope they aren’t black anymore.  They say it takes 5 years to get your lungs “back to normal” but I am not convinced it is all possible.

Here is what I have learned as I have gotten older.  Don’t smoke.  Drink in moderation.  Get a designated driver and don’t be an idiot. Get married when you are ready (if ever) and be ready for a fight.  Marriage is WORK people.  I have been married and divorced and remarried.  I tried to forgive and forget and I couldn’t.  But hey, that’s for another post.  Have your kids when you know you want them and are willing to sacrifice things like sleep, drinking, and smoking (but remember I said not to smoke).  LOVE your children no matter what, but never let them come between you and your spouse or other SO. Be ready to pay for daycare and babysitters.  Be ready to leave them (the kids) for a weekend away with your SO.  Be ready to buy ridiculous items that your kids will only love for 3 minutes tops.  Learn to forgive (don’t be too hard on yourself it takes practice).  Laugh a lot.  Be with people who life you up.  Go on vacation.  Don’t judge others.  Don’t flip off strangers.  In 2014 you are likely to be shot in the face for crap like that.  Relax.  Don’t be in such a hurry.  DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE.  Be real. Stay real.  Love.  Love a lot.  Love yourself.  Exercise.  Seek therapy it’s good for the soul.  The list could go on for miles but you get the idea.  Some are cliché some are not.  But they are real and true.

Growing older isn’t about “getting old” it’s about becoming selfless and giving to others.  What have you learned as you have gotten older?

Motivation Monday: Discipline.

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Discipline and working out.  A fitting topic for today.
It completely depends on your work schedule and commute time.  For me, a daily
morning workout is the only option
Morning workouts.  Up before sunrise.  Extreme focus, hot, sweaty.  At least it
involves a colorful and cute outfit, right? 
A great way to start the first hour of the day.  It’s drive.  It’s focus.  It’s discipline.  
No, evening workout you ask? 
Every now and then, if time permits, a short Rodney Yee yoga video ends my day. 
With that being said, hot yoga is being added back into the mix at least once a week.
Achieving my morning workout goal is the only way to go!  …Goals + Discipline… 

Motivation Monday: Do it Now.

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Today, the motivation is simply stated.  Do it now. 

It’s important when an idea or goal comes to mind that you write it out, plan it out, talk it out.  Then, put the plan in motion.  It’s easier said than done.  But, you do have to start somewhere.

As the days and weeks of March come and go – you’ll read all about my goals, my plans my progress.  I hope you will share your goals, plans and progress with …this & that… too! 

Let’s do this!

Motivation: Mind Over Matter.

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Whatever the goal or purpose, it’s crucial to remember that it is mind over matter.  Period.  The question is, do we have the mind thought to realize it truly is mind over matter and nothing more?  That’s the million dollar question.

It doesn’t matter the reason behind the roadblock, just remember mind over matter.  It’s the purpose behind it, the focus for the belief in the purpose and ability to do so.

This is my mantra for the next 30-days while I re-launch …this & that… and get my workout regime back on track.

I can do this, I will do this, I’ve got this. Mind over matter.  So, stay tuned for the skinny.  The editorial calendar is set and I’m very excited about writing again.

Motivation Monday: Strong Women…

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I thought this was rather fitting for today’s post. 
Sometimes, we all need a little reminder.  Just sayin’.
Let’s not play the victim – let’s just deal and move on!
And let’s not sweat the small stuff – it really isn’t worth it.  It’s not!
So, I highly recommend that you save this picture on your computer or phone
and every once in a while take a look at it and remember!!! 
Just my two sense.  Have a wonderful Monday!  Make it a great one!

Mrs. P: Every Mom Needs Allies.

Sometimes we just need allies. The world requires us to be politically correct and leaves little room for error. Sometimes we just need to be able to talk with no filter. We are all part of this crazy, chaotic, weird, wonderful world of parenting and we need to engage with those that are just as quirky as us. It boils down to this: we need each other. We need to feel connected. We need to know that we are not crazy, that there are others that discipline their kids, and that it’s okay that we don’t stand in the kitchen with our hair and nails perfectly done holding a fresh baked apple pie in each hand.

To all of us our children are perfect no matter what their flaws. I love my children. Our daughter was diagnosed with anxiety a little less than a year ago. I have fought a courageous battle since she was just two years old. There were not a lot of options for her being so young. I researched and researched and finally was able to find an institution that would see her. I will go into this in a later blog, but my point is that I could have used a support system of other moms who had experienced some of these same issues. At that time I had no one. This is why we need allies.

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Every morning we just have to wake up and continue to be awesome. We drag ourselves out of a restful sleep, drag our arms beside us until we reach the counter. At the glorious counter is the coffee pot. We tired-eyed reach up four our mug and fill it with an amazing brown substance and in a split second we transform into a woman with a cape and a superpowers. We suddenly in a matter of minutes have breakfasts and lunches made, clothes are folded and put away and we are in the car, coffee mug in hand, driving the little’s to school.

We are a close knit family. Moms know moms and there is a certain understanding that we can come together at any time for support. We need allies. We need each other.

Until next time – Mrs. P

It’s simple: Life is Short. Buy the Shoes.

Short, sweet and to the point.
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Enough said, right?!
PS – I’m watching the Blackhawks (it’s do or die time) game so, I’ll catch you tomorrrow.  And yes, I am showing team spirit here at home – team gear ON!!!  Go Hawks!!!