In 10 days I will be gettin’ on a jet plane…

Wow!  Time flies.  10 days to go.  And we are on our way to Rome.  Bern and I extremely excited at this point.  And I am a little bit nervous.  Why, you ask?  I am unsure of what we are going to do every day (I am the cruise director and tour guide and I haven’t finished all of my reading) and if everything will fit in my luggage!  Yes, that is all I am worried about.  We have already agreed that we would wing it.  Well, I mean – we decided that every day did not have to be planned down to the very last minute.  However, we will have somewhat of an idea of what we are doing each day before we step off the cruise ship and/or leave the B&B in the am.  This week I will be posting a lot of the last minute things I finalized and putting our (rough) itinerary together.  And yes, of course, I will share it with all of you. 
So, I wanted to share with you my fun, fun, fun, experience yesterday at the Holiday Boutique.  I lived here for 9-1/2 years now and this is the first time I have attended.  And WOW!  I will definitely be attending next year and I won’t forget my checkbook at home like I did yesterday.  Yes, I really did.  And it probably was a good thing as well.  So, I will share with some of the fun things I ate (see the cupcake in the upper left, yummy) and bought.  Also, the main reason I went was to catch-up with my girlfriend, Staci and support her in her business endeavor of Bella Dreams.  Her fabulous jewelry business.  And yes, I did buy some items however, they will not be in this post (another post – be on the look out).  Staci really has style and flair.  If I could describe Staci in one word – I would have to say sassy.  I am really glad she is in my life.  Yesterday, I officially told Staci that I would love to help her set-up on esty website so that she can sell her jewelry online.  Of course, this will be after I return from my trip and probably over the holidays — when I have a few additional days off.  Don’t worry I will make the time.  Umm, and it is a new project and helping out Staci!!!  Yay!  And she is excited too.

Ok, so here are my pictures from my day on Saturday.  My stop at the Holiday Boutique.  My trip to The Gap.  And a few random pics regarding interest tidbits for my trip.  Enjoy.

I got this hat at the Holiday Boutique.  I love it!  And it was only $25.  What a deal.
The colors rock and with a white long sleeve tee, nice.  And the flower is a very nice touch! 
A little different than I am used to but, then again remember I am working on accessorizing.
I bought a brown one too!

Funny, right?  Well, I needed to figure out how much contact solution I will use in 12 days. 
So, of course I measured it 12 times.  About 4-1.2 ounces. 
So, 1 travel size bottle and one of my MAC travel size containers with the additional 1-1/2 ounces.  Done deal.
I bought this at the Gap with my 40% off coupon.  I was looking for a black vest and I found it.
My Uggs.  I am very excited to wear these on my trip!  A Xmas gift from Bern a few years ago.

I had the most delicious red velvet cupcake to date.  YUM! 
I took the liberty of taking a picture of the top of the cupcake — to show you the wonderful frosting.

Check out whippy cake and let me know what you think.  I absolutely love them. 
I met the owner Becky at the Holiday Boutique and she is just an absolute doll, very sweet and oh, so creative!
More on whippy cake another time…don’t worry I am going to devote an entire post to these darling headbands.

By the way I will post the link for the hat website when I find her card…

Thanks for stopping by …this & that… and I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Spill it.

What an awesome idea for a blog post.  My girlfriend, Vikki, over at For a Moment Photography came up with this ingenious idea and has allowed me use it.  Thanks Vikki.  And don’t forget to click on her link and check out her “Spill it”.  Round One.  And Round Two.
This is the contents of my purse dumped out on my kitchen floor.  You see, I wanted the orange rug for effect and it was a big enough area to spread everything out.  And, yes, it is a really big bag. 
How does it work?  You dump out the contents of your bag and spill it.  Spill the contents that is.  My girlfriend numbers her items.  I, however, did not number my items.  Somehow, I have a feeling you will be able to figure it out.  I am starting at the top right of the picture and going clockwise.  So here goes:
  • Books: 24 Walks in Rome and Rick Steve’s Rome 2010
  • Hold that Thought sticky notes (love these – from Barnes & Noble)
  • Broken headpiece (in the garbage now) and my Blackberry (I am addicted)
  • 2 packs of tissues (travel size) and sunglasses bag
  • Workout Journal (travel size), Bandaids and Victoria Secret’s Fashion Tape
  • Napkins (yes, you will frequently find these in my bag)
  • Starbucks card and mmiscellaneous receipts (now I have a gold card however, I still like this one)
  • 2 MK travel size hand cream (one is almost gone and I am not ready to get rid of it yet)
  • Several lipglosses (MK and MAC), chapstick with sunscreen and of course, my Carmex
  • MAC Lipliner Whirl, MK Shade Highlighting Pen (love it) and a mixed bottle of Tylenol, Advil, etc.
  • MAC Blotting Powder and contact lens case
  • Gum, inhaler, wallet, lint remover (travel size), Very Sexy Perfume, Rewetting drops and hair clip
  • Jiminy Cricket pin (my good luck charm)
  • Oil blotting sheets, Bandaid blister stuff (this rocks), hand sanitizer (travel size), girlie products
  • Redken 18 Hairspray (travel size) – the best!
  • Jesse Hudson CD (aka rockstar next-door-neighbor) – by the way I need to let Jesse know that I LOVE songs 1 and 6 – too bad I wasn’t “well connected’ in LA right now…
  • Pens, lead pencil, highlighter
  • 2 journals. One, for writing blog ideas.  Second, for lists and travel ideas.  Yes, I am a list maker (its a sickness).
  • Travel folder with all of my trip research, purple index card box, green ring notebook — lengthly and unfinished blog posts
  • Magazine pages that I ripped out for a blog post
  • My camera, hair tie, headband, and bobby pins
A lot of stuff in a big, big bag.  I look at this way – I have everything with me that I might possibly need.  And I definitely won’t be bored.

Now ladies, feel free to spill it.  Guys, spill your wallet, gym bag, or briefcase.  Don’t forget to link up to this post so I can see what your spilling.

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…this & that…Thursday (and Friday Fragments)

Where do I begin?  I’ll admit it.  Yes, I have neglected my blog.  Sometimes other priorities take precedence.  Sleep.  Today’s post will be short and sweet.  Because I need sleep.  Funny, I know.
Last Friday evening, I took a fun little trip.  A getaway weekend to southern California (So Cal).  Family.   Friends.  Girlie dates.  Kids.  Very cute ones.  And Bern too.  Don’t worry I will give full details this weekend. 
Now for a little of …this & that…  My camel coat rocks.  I love my red, monogrammed Tumi luggage.  I used the duffle bag last weekend.  All of my Smashbox products are my new favorites.  Wow, 20 days to go and I am on a plane to Rome, Italy!!!  **WOOT**  I am so E-X-C-I-T-E-D! **double fist pumps**  Oh, and Bern is excited too.  Travel book(s) – still unread…well, reading in-progress.  My goal is to have Rick Steve’s Rome completely read by 11/1/10.  Trip itinerary for the trip – a work in-progress.  Ummm, no its not done.  It’s incomplete.  Yes, still…  To-do list for the trip is long but, finally coming together.

Until tomorrow for a little more of …this and that…
As you know I frequent many blogs.  However, I only like a small few of the vast many that I read.  I stumbled upon Mrs.4444’s blog last weekend over my visit to California.  This entry is also going to “double” as my post for Friday Fragments over at Mrs.4444’s blog Half-Past Kissin’ Time…Time to Kiss Again!  Please click on the link to read some more Friday’s Fragments.

Shout Out Saturday.

Hey-hey!  Yes, you.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Have a fabulous Saturday (and Sunday).

First, my rock star next-door-neighbor Jesse is having a birthday!  I wish him a very happy birthday.

A girlie weekend trip to California.  My weekend started out last night with spending some one-on-one time with my steps-sister, Katherine (or Kat) for short.  I haven’t see her for quite some time.  Last time I saw her our parents got married — ummm, yes.  She was in her teens then and all grown up now.  My flight arrived late but, that didn’t matter.  We headed to downtown LA for drinks and had a nice view with the floor to ceiling windows on the 35th floor.  A rotating lounge, actually.  And I forgot about the rotating outer wall.  Yes, that is where I put my purse.  Don’t worry about 20 feet away I found it.  It was really fun to catch-up with Kat live and in-person rather than virtually via facebook or twitter. 

Today, I am spending the day and night with my good friend, Kirsten and her kids.  So much fun!  We have been friends for almost 10 years and have stayed in touch all this time (even though many miles and time zones have separated us).  However, now she is just a short plane ride away.  So, today it is time with the girls!  And of course, catch-up live and in-person rather than texting or via the phone.

Tomorrow, I will see Bern for a bit.  We will be heading to his high school for a picnic and tour of the school.  Tonight is Bern’s reunion and he is helping out as an emcee for the evening.  Fun times.  Blast(s) from the past.

Hence, my girlie weekend and bit of time with Bern.

Have a great day!  A little more of …this and that… on Sunday.

…this & that…Thursday


I am a sister.  A friend.  A confidant.

I am the oldest.  I have one sister.  Melanie.  Lil’ Mel.  Melly.  Or just simply, Mel.  I am also a step-sister to 4 step-sisters.  Georgia and Katherine.  Jaci and Jeni.  My relationship is unique and different with each one. 

I grew up with Mel.  I have known her her entire life.  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday including the Wonder Woman pajamas I had on that morning (a future blog post).  I have written papers about her birth for both, high school and college.  Her birth even made it into my toast at her wedding.  It was a very memorable day.  I don’t consider us to be super close, although, I wish we were.  What I mean is we don’t talk every day and we see each other periodically.  It would be nice if it was more often.  I think karma came back around, full circle that is.  It bit me.  Funny, I know.  But, true.  Maybe?  When we were younger I didn’t always like Mel to be hanging around or playing with my toys; a typical of a big sister don’t you think?  I think most older siblings have had the pleasure of experiencing what I experience – karma. 

Unfortunately, I don’t see my stepsisters on a regular basis.  I do however, have a (virtual) facebook relationship with Katherine and at times Georgia.  Hmmm, I might get the opportunity to see Katherine next weekend when I am in her neck of the woods…

A few cool anecdotes about sisters.

Sisters never quite forgive each other for what happened when they were five. 
Pam Brown

Sisters remember things you would rather forget.  In graphic detail. …With proof. 

Marion C. Garretty
We disagree all the time.  Remember things quite differently.  Disapprove of one another’s choices.  Are maddened by each other’s habits.  But are sisters – and so tied into one another’s lives – necessary in some strange way to each other’s existence.  We stand on the same ground – and there, we are inseparable.
Pam Brown
A little of …this and that… about sisters.


Babysitting.  Pure enjoyment.  Cute little kids.  Mainly my cousins.  Amy and Erin.  April and Andrea.  Family friends.  Sean and Justin.  And of course Melly, my sister.  Being silly.  Playing with toys.  Video games.  Movies.  Storytelling.  Laughter.  Smiles.  And tents!

Tents.  Yep, you read that correctly.  I was AM a master tent builder.  Babysitting and building tents!  So much fun.  Building tents with Melly was a blast.  We had a lot of time to perfect the art and I think I mastered my skill with her assistance of course.  We had to arrange the blanket(s) just so.  And just the right amount of pillows.  Perfection!

The absolute best part of babysitting is building tents.  The second best part is playing in the tent after you build it.  With the assistants of course.  I am by far the best tent builder of all time.  No, really I am.  Just ask my assistants.  I am sure they would attest to my abilities.  And their own.   

Babysitting was a blast.  I got paid to play with cute kids, their toys, be silly, and of course build awesome tents.  So much fun!  The best. 

Ahh, to reminisce…  Sometimes, I wish I could go back-in-time and build tents with Melly.
It has been quite some time since I built a tent.  I wonder if I still have the skills…?

Maybe this weekend I will have to trot out my tent building skills.  Hmmm, I’ll need an assistant.  Mel’s moving into her new house, so, she is out.  Maybe another time.  And in her new house.  Wait, Bern!  Oh, what an experience this will be for him.  So much fun.  I cannot wait!  I am so E-X-C-I-T-E-D!  Hopefully, Bern will be up for the position – the assistant position that is.  And the experience of the tent!  Oh yay!

A little side note about tent building.  I owe a tad bit of thanks to Jason, my childhood friend.  Before my babysitting days Jason and I had plenty of practice and a whole lot of fun building tents.  Or rather forts as Jason called them.  Pretty soon Jason and I will get to build “forts” with his daughter.  And of course we need to share the tradition with Brenda, his wife.  Somehow, I think Brenda will have no problem.  I already envision Brenda as a master fort builder.  I know I am jumping the gun here just a tad bit early with their daughter.  I really need to wait until her official arrival and add at about 4 years.  At about 4 years of age assistant-in-training can commence.  What a bummer.  Wait.  An idea is materializing right at this very moment…  I can always practice my tent building as their daughter sits and watches me…  Assistant training by way of a bouncy chair.  Perfect.  Priceless.  What a great idea!

Alright, my plan with Jason’s daughter is temporarily on hold.  For roughly 4 years…until then.  And I guess patience will come into play…  Bern get ready for your first lesson in tent building this weekend.

On Saturday, October 30th, 2010 I linked this post up to
{there is a really cool button that is suppose to be here but I can’t get it “appear”}
because it is one of my favorite that I have written since the inception of my blog. 
Please click on the link and visit many more over at Mrs.4444’s blog.

Roger Cline & The Peacemakers.

Rewind.  This post reflects my very first Roger Cline and The Peacemakers concert and Day 2 with my Alaska crew (Bonsai and Esmerelda).  And the very first time I met Karen, Esme’s twin sister.  You can read about karaoke on Day 1. 

I owe a very special thanks to my old friend, Bonsai, for introducing me to this fabulous band.  Note: another good friend, HeatherB, and her hubby have been Roger Cline fans since the beginning.  I didn’t make the connection of the band and HeatherB until Bonsai took me to the concert.  It was a fabulous concert!  Thanks Bonsai.

We stood in line for about 1-hour to get our beautiful wrist bands.  Aren’t they fabulous?

Me, Esmerelda, and Karen (Esme’s twin sister).  And of course funny faces (from Esme).

More funny faces (from the other twin, Karen).

Thanks Bonsai!  He requested anonymity.  I acquiesced and granted it, reluctantly. 

Great voice! And good-looking too!

This was my view for the second-half of the concert.  Standing up front was entirely way too loud.

Yes, I was really that close!
Karen and I.  And Roger Cline in the background. 

Our souvenirs from the evening. 

A fabulous evening.  A great concert.  Good times with friends.  Old and new!

Bern’s Car Show.

Here are the pictures from Bern’s car show last weekend.  He won “Best in Specialty Class” for his 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe (Factory Five replica car).  We have a lot of fun in this car.  Road trips to Strawberry, Arizona for pie.  Dinner dates at In-n-Out Burger.  Charity events.  Car shows.  And all around fun.  Enjoy!

Bern’s car.

Bern loves the hood up.  It is his favorite look for the car.  However, I like it down.

The rims rock!  The car is nicely done.

This looks just like Russ’s car from high school however, it is not the same color. 

My camera does not convey how vibrant these colors are whatsoever.  But, I loved this car!

I liked the flames, can’t you tell.

Bernie picked a spot in the shade and close by to watch his car.  My chair is on the left.

In honor of the fire department.

Absolutely killer paint job.  And of course the grill!  I have an obsession.  Really I do.

For a split second I thought this was Gramps 1934 Chevy…Nope is wasn’t.  But, the flames on the side made it a close second.  However, the grill is different as well.

The A-Team.

The grill!

My camera does not do this color justice!

The grill rocks!  Sorry, technical difficulties with rotating the picture.

I think the “for sale” sign is a little tacky, don’t you?  I almost asked the owner if I could take the sign down for my photos, but, I didn’t.  The grill was killer.  This car won “Best in Show”.

The End!

Shout Out Saturday #2

Hello, hello, hello! 

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope today is a glorious day for everyone.

Today, I am looking forward to the freedom of sleeping in.  Yesterday, I woke up at 5:40 a.m.  Yes, it was for a specific reason (work).   Anyhow, a great week and now onto a fabulous weekend.  Most importantly I get to sleep in today.  Sunday, however, I do not.  Bern heads to the airport around 6 a.m. for his quick trip to Cali.  Another highschool reunion committee meeting — the big day is almost here!  Well, weekend that is.  I will also, be heading to Cali that weekend to visit Kirsten!  I am very excited for that.  Girlie time will be fun!  However, Sunday morning I will be having breakfast with my cousin and workout partner, Amy.  My workout partner when I make it to the gym…

So, back to Saturday.  Besides being incredibly excited about sleeping in I am even more excited about heading to the gym for some much needed cardio!  This past week was really busy for me so I had to cancel the trainer and skip the gym several evenings.  Yes, a major bummer I know.  Simple said sometimes other things take precedence and are a higher priority.

Saturday:  sleeping in and the gym.  Ahhh, its almost cardio time baby!!!  I am very much looking forward the elliptical machine can’t you tell?!  Too funny, right?  Also, Saturday is my day to run errands.  For example, the dry cleaners!  Unless, of course, Bern picks up or drops off my clothes for me.  So sweet of him I know!  Bern – you are such a sweetie!

Yes, I know I am allover the place today…  Back to Saturday.  My list of to-do’s…  Tweet, check.  Sleep-in, check.  Cardio, check.  Lift, check (this is a maybe and dependent on how busy the gym is).  Tweet some more, check.  Dry cleaners, check.  Mail, check.  Pick-up my phone charger, at home (forgot it at my apartment).  Pick-up Jesse’s [rockstar next door neighbor] CD for Bernie, check.  Tweet, more, check.  Pool time, check.  Read travel books, check.  Relax, check.  Blog, check.  Ok, I think my list is set.  Oh, wait…a stop at Starbucks for my Iced Venti, 2 pump classic, Green Tea.  Yum!!

Side note 1: not sure I like the change to Twitter.  And I am thinking about upgrading to uber twitter…?

My hot date for tonight – Bern and I will be watching Season 1 of Dexter.  I’ll let you know what I think.

Have a fun this wonderful Satruday!  Make it a great one.  And don’t forget to give it your all!  What will you be up to?

…this & that…Thursday

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

There are two days in every week about which we should not worry.

Two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension.

One of these days is yesterday with its mistakes and cares,

Its faults and blunders, Its aches and pains.

Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control.

All the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday.

We cannot undo a single act we performed.

We cannot erase a single word we said. Yesterday is gone.

The other day we should not worry about is tomorrow.

With its possible adversities, Its burdens,

Its large promise and poor performance.

Tomorrow is also beyond our immediate control.

Tomorrow’s Sun will rise, either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds,

but it will rise.

Until it does, we have no stake in tomorrow, for it is yet unborn.

This just leaves only one day . . . Today.

Any person can fight the battles of just one day.

It is only when you and I add the burdens of those two awful eternity’s -

yesterday and tomorrow that we break down.

It is not the experience of today that drives people mad.

It is the remorse or bitterness for something which happened yesterday

and the dread of what tomorrow may bring.
Let us therefore live but one day at a time.
~ Author Unknown ~
(sent courtesy of my weekly email from My Daily Insights)

The Parlor.

My new favorite place.  The Parlor is a relatively new and chic pizzeria.  Literally a 2-minute drive from my office.  And on the way to Starbucks.  So convenient, right?  Yes, I know the locale is so ideal.  And simply fabulous. Truly it is.  If you are in Phoenix you definitely need to stop in for a bite to eat.
A few months back Bern ate lunch there and thought it was great.  He told me I need to try it out.  So, I finally became acquainted with The Parlor last Thursday. 
A much needed lunch date was my girlfriend Vikki.  Or as I like to refer to it as a girlie date (meaning only girls or specifically for girls).  But, it almost didn’t happen that way.  At the very last minute I needed to change the location.  Luckily, my date was more than happy to oblige me.  So sweet of her.  So, hence my very first experience at my new, very favorite place and on a girlie date!  It can’t get any better than that.
The idea behind the lunch date was to photograph it and blog about it.  Great idea Vikki!  I wonder where we are eating next?  Check out Vikki’s blog for our lunch date at For A Moment Photography.  I thank Vikki for providing the killer photos of our date.  My photos, from my Blackberry, are not so hot.  I must say she is truly a gifted photography and I absolutely love her work!
The ambiance was great.  A great mixture of jazz music in the background.  Vikki arrived first and opted for the outside patio.  Great choice!  The misters and fans made it seem like it was 75-80 degrees rather than the actual 100 degree temperature.  The food was wonderful.  Fresh.  Natural.  A truly great selection of unique items.  We both had salads and I even had a bowl of soup.  Yes, 100 degrees outside and I ate soup. 
It was really great to see her.  I love hearing about her photography business and her daughter, Presley.  And it is simply nice to visit, talk about …this and that.. and be on a girlie date, period.
Well, since last Thursday I have eaten at my place a total of three times.  Yep, that is correct – three times.  Of course, I try something different every time.  And everything has been fabulous.

Another reason I like The Parlor is because they
support local businesses.  And I have my table.  I go between 1:30-2:00 p.m. purposely to miss the lunch crowd.  Typically it’s just me on the patio.  My own private lunchtime oasis.  Oh, and don’t forget the jazz music.  It rocks!
Hmmm, I wonder what I will have for lunch tomorrow…?!  And what I will write about for …this and that…

It’s Friday night, karaoke anyone?

Rewind.  I am behind on a few posts…
Well, well, well.  It’s Friday evening and my plans for the evening involve karaoke.  Oh my!  And old friends.  So here it is a little of …this and that… from my Friday evening with friends (from way back)…

I left work and headed to the Radisson.  Let the festivities begin!  I was really looking forward to seeing Bonsai and Esmerelda. [Note: both are “real” nicknames for these friends; actual names will not be used]  The friendship(s) spans over 13 years and thousands of miles.

The evening started with hugs, catching up and old-times.  And of course dinner and drinks at the hotel.  However, I started with water.

Esmeralda was on a mission for karaoke.  So, karaoke it was.  Earlier in the day and on my lunch I googled “karaoke in Old Town Scottsdale”.  Low and behold, I found The Grapevine. 

It is important to mention the wonderful CD Esmeralda made for our car ride(s) of the evening…way old school and sooo much fun!  Just think early 90’s.  As we listened to the awesome CD I headed to my place. The plan was to drop off my car and catch a cab to Old Town.  Well, our wait was 45 minutes and too long to wait.  With my quick thinking I called my wonderful cousin, Amy, who graciously agreed to take us so we cancelled the cab.  Literally five minutes after cancelling the cab and calling my cousin — my doorbell rang and it was the cab.  We were a little stuck.  But, it all worked out and we got dropped off all while listening to the great tunes.  Thanks Amy!

The Grapevine rocked!  Bonsai and I opted not to participate vocally however, we did cheer on Esmeralda.  And I might add she did a great job!  There was an absolute great vocalist who sung Elton John and he was fabulous!  A few others did well and some were mediocre.  The bar is a definite for anyone who wants karaoke – 7 days a week.
Ok, this is where the evening changes a bit.   Remember, I drank water at dinner.  So, I was a bit behind.  A lot behind.  Earlier in the day I decided I would drink water and maybe have 2 glasses of wine at the karaoke bar.  Keep it simple and low key because I don’t want to screw up all of my hard work with my diet and the gym.  Nope, that didn’t happen.  Not even close.  I did not respect my workout regime and diet.  A little background here: I rarely drink and when I do I have a glass of wine, maybe 2 and never more. 
So, needless to say I my evening ended early.  Quite early.  I had 2-1/2 drinks and I was done for the evening.  My drink of choice was not a glass of Pinot Noir as I had originally planned but, Vodka and Red Bull (an old time favorite).  The last time I had this drink was at little Mel’s bachelorette party, earlier this year in March.  Bonsai and Esmeralda were great and got me home safely and tucked me in.  A side note, our cab driver from Old Town to my place would not shut-up…he just went on and on…  He really did.

Simply stated “my” evening ended early.  I can honestly say that I cannot hang like I used to.  I guess age does that to us, 13 years later, no kidding!  Too funny, I know.

I woke up bright and early at 6 a.m. Saturday morning with a teeny, tiny headache that lasted ALL day.    Around 4 p.m., relief, finally!  Yes.  Thank goodness.  Oh, a little tidbit my “crew” had some wee little headaches too…  Esmeralda’s was still going strong into the evening on Saturday.  My favorite items for the day included my couch, my Tylenol, and my PUR water filter.  I hydrated nicely in preparation for “my” crew night #2, the concert (Roger Cline and The Peacemakers).

All in all, Friday was great.  It was really great to see spend the evening with Bonsai and Esmeralda regardless of the wonderful headache I had on Saturday. 

It’s fun to meet up with old friends and reminisce – even if it involves a teeny, tiny headache. 

The new look…

…loving it!

Well, have you noticed my blog is ummm, a little different?  Yes.  And it looks fabulous.

Ugh, the rock star-next-door neighbor is going to town on his keyboard…I think he is doing chopsticks or something.  Extremely irritating at 10:53 p.m.  Jesse, its bedtime.  He is still unaware that non-rockers live next door.

 Jesse, it is “officially” quite time.  If I think it hard enough — I think Jesse will absorb it (through the cinder block wall).  Ok, back to the post.

The changes look great.  I absolutely love them.  A few more will be coming next week.  I owe a very special thanks to Wendy Sefcik of Broken Box Designs LLC, Owner/ Illustrator/Designer (extraordinaire)!  In my opinion that is.  Wendy is one truly talented and creative individual.  I found Wendy on another site I frequent (check out my blog list).  She did the graphics.  So, I checked out her website (in its entirety).  I really liked what I saw.  An extremely talented artist and I like her style.  A definite must to check out her website (click above on link).

My header is what started it all.  I decided it needed something more – a bit more “me”.  Funny I know.  It’s not like the blog isn’t already me.  Duh, its my blog.  I needed more of a presence if you will.  And it needed a little more pizazz and oomph.  I had an idea…I conveyed my thoughts via email (mostly) and one phone call.  And you can see the awesome results!  I sent her a bunch of pictures of my work area (kitchen counter) and what’s around me as I work.  She went with it.  Need I say more?  You are looking at the results.  Check out my “grab me” button…

On a side note I am looking forward to this weekend and hanging out with Bern.  Time for bed.  I hope you enjoy the changes.  Thanks Wendy! 

And don’t forget to grab my button for you blog.  Love it!

Happy Friday everyone!  Make it a great one.

My week to date…

I am FINALLY feeling “slightly” better.  Let me explain.

Earlier this week, on Monday to be exact, I woke up bright an early and I felt horrible.  Stuffy nose.  Congested.  Pounding headache.  Sinus pressure.  Eyes hurting.  UGH!  Obviously, not allergies as I had thought Sunday morning.  Nope, better.  A full-on cold.  Yep, over 100 degrees outside and I am getting a sick.  Nice!  “Are you kidding me, seriously, really, come on now…?”  And just today (Thursday) I started to feel better.  Oh yeah!  Let me put it this way:  my pounding headache finally subsided today at around 2:30 p.m., about an hour after taking 4 Advils.  At this precise moment I thought “AMEN and thank you, thank you, thank you!”  What a relief.   All week I have had on-and-off “pounding” sinus headache(s) on steroids!  Oh, yes it was. 

This of all weeks was not the week to feel crappy at work.  The last week of the month and beginning of the new month is when billing gets completed.  I am sooo busy during this time and this is positively not the time to be sick, period.  It just simply does not fit into my schedule period.  Regardless, I was sick, felt crappy, and dealt with it.  I did not mask my cold as well as I would have liked and I know my co-workers can attest to this.  I stayed in my office as much as possible and washed my hands constantly (more than I typically do and I do a lot).  Most importantly I got the work out, well still working on it…

Time to tell you a funny “tid-bit” about my rockstar next-door neighbor.  Jesse.  Early twenties, about about 5’6″, skinny, a cross between Mark Ruffalo, Matthew Goode, and Brandon Lee.  Plays keyboard and guitar.  Sings.  Great voice I might add.  His musical likes are a cross between Dave Matthews meets Coldplay, meets Incubus.  Jesse’s explanation not mine.  I can hear Jesse sing and play his music frequently through my cinder block walls.  Let me add that at times, Jesse, keeps weird hours.  Weird. 

Ok, here goes…  Remember, this week has not been good for me.  I am sick.  I tend to get pretty cranky when I am sick.  Being sick is my least favorite of all things.  Literally.  I dislike being sick more than anything. Bern can attest to this and I am sure several others can add to this as well.   Jesse, aka Mr. Rockstar, decides to play his keyboard on Wednesday morning at 5:33 a.m.!  Yes, you read this correctly at 5:33 a.m.  Of course, I woke up and I thought “my goodness, did I oversleep?”  I immediately remove my eye mask, jump up out of bed and check my Blackberry and “SEE” the time…5:33 a.m.!!!  UGH!!!  I got back into bed.  Nope.  I decided to stay in bed.  I was quite bummed as my alarm was not set to go off for another 27 minutes.  6 a.m. was my wake up call.  I thought I was dreaming.  Nope.  It was Jesse.  I though, he must have been inspired.  I contemplated for several moments if I should go next door to explain how early it was and the simply fact that I was not feeling well and that this was a big, huge, fat “NO-NO”.  I was going to explain that “Rockstar-next-door-neighbors need to respect that non-rockstar neighbors work and sleep during “normal” hours and that between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. music and singing should NOT commence, unless, of course, it is the weekend”.  However, I decided against it.  I didn’t want to ruin Jesse’s day/night/morning (not sure where he is at with his schedule) or mine.  But, if I would have I would have been quite the sight, literally and figuratively.  Envision this, my pajamas:  orange Suns t-shirt, maroon Cardinals pants, and slouch socks (yes, I wear socks to bed), and a black eye mask, and crazy hair…what I sight I would have made.  Oh my.  I smile and laugh just thinking about this.  Really I do…too funny!

My Starbucks habit has had a definite dent put in it due to my cold.  However, it is still present.  I didn’t have Starbucks on Tuesday or Wednesday; I did on Monday and today.  On Monday, the manager was nice enough to give me some Refresh Tazo Tea (mint tea, caffeine free) to try out after I finished my Venti Mocha Lite Frapuccino.  The manager stated “the mint tea will help with your congestion” and she added ” that she likes the tea cold rather than hot”.  Well, I must say I really enjoyed it.  I like it hot, haven’t tried it cold yet.  A very minty, soothing tea, boy did it help alleviate some of the swelling in my sinuses and nasal passages.  It gave me a little needed bliss.

Alright, enough about my week.  I am feeling better, not 100% as of yet, but, better and that is what matters.  I hope you are having a rockin week and are ready for a safe and happy holiday weekend.  Make it a great Friday.  Oh, I am very much looking forward to 3-days worth of blogging…be on the look out.

My weekend.

It was a good weekend. 

Friday: date night with Bern.  Saturday:  a little of this and a little of that.  Sunday:  cinnamon rolls and kids.

Friday.  Day 3 of “no” Starbucks.  Rough.  We went to Juan’s.  My absolute favorite Mexican restaurant of all-time.  Family owned and operated, Bern and I have “season tickets”.  Then we watched the movie Valentine’s Day.  Correction, I watched the movie.  Bern fell asleep.  It was your a-typical “vanilla” or “vanilla shell” girlie movie (thanks Mel and Bern).  I liked it.  It had a star-studded cast and most importantly it made me laugh-out-loud.  Those kinds of movies are the best!  I gave it a B rating in my book.

Saturday.  Ran errands in the morning.  Stopped by Starbucks.  I could not resist.  I just couldn’t.  Back to Bern’s house for pool-time.  On my way home I swung by the airport to drop off Bern; he is “North to Alaska” for a little R&R will his good friend, Bill.  Well, I headed home for pizza, wine, and Leap Year.  The movie was cute.  I guess you could say I liked it – it did not hold my attention.  I like Amy Adams, however, I didn’t care for Matthew Goode’s accent (and yes, I do realize he is British to begin with).  He didn’t do the Irish accent well and the personality of his character was “off” at times.  But any-who, I penciled in a C in my book.

Sunday.  I finally had my cinnamon rolls, yummm!  My original plans for breakfast did not pan out.  Nothing was on tv Sunday morning.  I ended doing trip research for almost 4 hours.  Trip research overload.  I needed a break, a real honest to goodness break.  So my break consisted of guess what?  Yes, you guessed correctly:  I went to Starbucks.  I was the photographer at Ms. Ali’s wonderful birthday party and she really enjoyed her first birthday cake (I took the pics to prove it)!  So cute.  Afterwards, I stopped by to see another girlfriend and her family.  It was great to catch-up.  Leighton and Zane got really big; it has been quite a while since I have seen them.  I finally gave Mr. Zane (he’s 2) his belated birthday gift (from July 3, I missed the party).  Better late than never.  It was a great day!  I really enjoyed seeing my friends and their kids.  All of the kids were so cute!  I rounded out my fun-filled day with an exfoliating  mask and a few pages from Chasing Harry Winston.

Whew…all around it was a great weekend.  Relaxing, fun, and rewarding.

Time for my DVR:  The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles…  Until tomorrow then.