On the fifth day, my true love said to me…


On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me… five golden trees, four monograms, three winter wonderlands, two you’re invited, and one i hope you know how much i care.

This past week has been busy for me getting ready for year-end and everything else in-between!  Ha!  Who am I kidding, we are all busy right now.  Right…?  Right.

My full-time job is in the accounting field so, that in itself makes me busy this time of year.  But, in my limited free time I’ve been working on consistency with the blog, working out (again) and knitting again (stress relief at its finest)!  Let’s just say things are a work-in-progress right now.  It does take 21-days to make a new habit.  Attempting to get on a workout schedule, and it is working.  I need to be more consistent though.  Eating healthier and watching portion size too.  Double fist pumps for me!

Oh, I do make time for me though: daily stop at Starbucks (today I’ll get 4 stars after 2pm), workouts, and reading.  Most importantly though, I’ve been working on Christmas gifts and Blondie’s Shop orders when I get home.  So, needless my days and nights are filled to the brim.  Fun time for sure!  I caught part of White Christmas last night and DVR’d Scrooged.  Fist pump again!  I was unable to watch it last year, this year I’ll be watching it!  

Make it a super great day and send some snail mail to someone special.  Catch up on the first 4 days here: first,  secondthird, and fourth.


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