Hot Yoga Baby!

This past Saturday, I had the absolutely delightful experience of being introduced to hot yoga.  My sister has repeatedly asked me to go and I was finally able to work it into my schedule.  And I loved it!  I more than loved it.  It is absolute heaven, period.  It was a definite a-ha moment for me because I was actually able to “press” the clear button.  I thought of nothing else other than me and my purpose for that class.  The intensity was surreal, as was the focus on my breathing and movements (muscle control).
I wasn’t prepared for the “hey, I’m drenched feeling about 10 minutes in” but, I survived it.  It was actually quite welcoming.  Literally, from head to foot you are soaking wet — the entire class!  Yes, I’m serious folks.  Now, if you’ve experienced hot yoga then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The room is set roughly 105 degrees.  And it’s this hot when you walk in the room (or there abouts).
Now, I will share that the yoga kicked my butt on Saturday.  I felt so relaxed after I got home.  I showered, hydrated and just chilled (aka sat on my couch watching a few episodes of 24).  I drank about a gallon of water and 1-1/2 big bottles of Gatorade for the electrolytes.  I needed to replenish everything I sweated out, literally. 
On a side note, lately, I’ve been looking to switch up my workout and step-it to the next level – I definitely feel that hot yoga will help me reach that level.  Round 2 is tonight and I cannot wait!
Happy Monday!
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