The Key: let’s get motivated!

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At times, we all need to step away, step back, breathe.  No rush to judgment.  Pause, then ponder.   Time to re-evaluate.  Use paper and pen – write it out.  De-code the pro’s and con’s.  Sometimes, this process takes a bit of time…  And more deep breaths too.  And at times, talk it out.

When doubt or uncertainty lingers, do nothing.  Wait.  Continue to ponder.

After the deep breathes, the pondering, the evaluation – a decision has been reached.  Yay or nay…

You navigate the steps.  Outline it.  A plan formulates.  It all comes together.  Action “is” next and most importantly, you get MOTIVATED!!!

Has this happened to you?  What did you do?  How did you navigate through it?


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