Motivation Monday: 4 Step Lesson to be Content…

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Can you tell this month’s Motivation Monday has a theme?  It’s being content.  It’s a state of being.  And it’s definitely a process. Harder for some and easier for others.  Last week was 7 Ways to be More Content.

Are you content?  What does being content mean to you?

I’m content with my life.  Well, in all honesty, certain aspects I am and other parts not so much.  There are a few areas I’d like to improve that are a work in progress (as I type this).  The process isn’t painful it’s just time consuming, repetitive – you know the drill.  I’m excited about the upcoming contentment and change that it will bring – and positive energy, attitude and hard work that is going into it!

Being content to me is being happy and positive about all aspects and things in life.  Being able to roll with the changes if you will.

I guarantee I am not the only one wanting  more, needing more, or making changes.  Do you agree?  Do you feel this way?  Are you working on things, trying to better yourself and be more content?

I’m constantly reading and searching for positive sources in life and ones for women to read, ones that encompass all facets of life.  Let me tell you – I found that source!  The Darling Magazine the art of being a woman states Four Keys to Being Content are…

1) Practice being grateful.  2) Stop comparing.  3) See life in seasons.  4) Celebrate others.

Head over to the Darling Magazine and read the “key” explanations here.  I really enjoyed the article and have added the Darling as one of my daily go-to reads.  It’s a well-rounded online magazine for women and I enjoyed perusing around the site – I don’t want to give too much away so, go ahead…check it out!  And do tell me what you think!

It’s important to be happy and content with your life.  I’m already one step ahead here because I already practice being grateful by writing a daily gratitude in my Day Designer and scribbling positive things from y day in my journal every night before I go to bed.  It’s important to be positive, be happy, and acknowledge what you do have and to be thankful and appreciative for it.  Plus, it’s a way to clear the day (positive and negative) and start fresh for the next day!

Make it a great day!  Make it a content day.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s lesson on being content.

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