Motivation Monday: 6 Weeks to a Flatter Stomach…Give me a 12 week Commitment!

I’m on a mission!  A fitness mission that is!  I am committed to getting back on track with my work out regime.

Adding arms and (more) abs this week.  I think my stomach is pretty flat, however, let’s just say that they aren’t defined like they used to be…ahhh, let’s say about a 1-1/2 ago.  But, then again, that’s what happens when you don’t regularly workout.  I’m back on the cardio program.  I made a conscious decision that working out needs to happen regardless of my work commute, stress level or lack of desire to simply do so.  Period.

I like working out.  I enjoy how I feel during and after.  I like the endorphins.  The high.  And of course the obvious…change in the tone and definition of my body.

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I’ve been conscious of what I eat and my lack of exercise since January 1, 2014.  Well, before that…but, you get the “gist”…   My meal portions were more than they needed to be.  I was eating for comfort.  Still do, but, more in moderation now.  I’m more “aware” that I do it.  Since I’ve adjusted my portions I’ve noticed that a few pieces of clothing are no longer tight.  Kiddos to me!  So, the “portion control change” to my diet has worked.  Now, I’m going to step things up a notch.   Oh, and I stopped drinking my “fountain soda” for a few months and drink make an effort to drink more water.  I’ll admit though that I have had a soda or two in the last few weeks…stress level  has been a little elevated.  A weakness for me.  It happens…what are you gonna do?!  Right…

{my abs, courtesy of  hot yoga, cardio and weights, in July 2012}

As we age, metabolism “changes” and things like  it’s not as easy as it used to be.  Shaking your head in agreement aren’t you…?  This happens to.  Each of us needs to accept it and move forward.

Alright, its time…let’s do this!  Here’s the ab plan I’m going to follow (below).  I’ll share the arm plan next week.  It’s a 6 week plan.  I’m committing to 12 weeks.  I am determined to see this through!

And yes, I’ll take and share current “before” and “progress” photos.

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Are you on board?  These are relatively easy ab exercises to do.  If you are unsure of how to do them go to youtube or google them.  I bet Pinterest has some “how-to” explanation for them.

Happy Monday!  Let’s do this!

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