Motivation Monday: Get Active.

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Just do it.  Yep, just do it.  Make the commitment and do it.  Get active.  Get moving.  Make it happen. Commit.  You’ve got this.

Tell a friend, make the commitment, have them hold you “accountable”.  
I’ve done this in several aspects of my life.  Sometimes, you need a “close” someone to hold you accountable and check you. 
Ms. C, holds me accountable regularly.  She’s my “go-to” person when I need a boost or need her to “check” me, “re-focus” and get back on track.  We all need someone like this in our life, outside of our loved ones.
So, for today.  Get active.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be workout related but, you get the hint.  Get active.  Make a plan.  Hold yourself accountable.  
Get active!  Make it a great day!

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