Motivation Monday: The Magic 5.

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I’m trying to be more productive and utilize my “free” time.  So, during my commute to and from work I listen to audio books.

I’m listening to Making Ideas Happen.  It is a phenomenal book and can’t believe I waited this long to read it.  I first heard about it early last year from this blogger’s fabulous column.

I have the actual book, purchased it before Santa brought the Kindle.  I’m a gal that likes turning paper pages anyhow, I do love my Kindle.  So, I purchased the Kindle version.  Actually, I purchased it so I could read it in bed at night and not bother S.

After, purchasing the Kindle version I was “prompted” to purchase whispersync for voice.  I’ve noticed it as an option and finally decided to check it out.

Whispersync for Voice works like this:  I can read the Kindle version or listen on my iphone (or Kindle) and it “syncs” my place or bookmark on both devices.  Pretty cool huh?!  I think so.

Something I have put into action since listening to the book…

I call it the Magic 5.  A list I now make every morning.  Daily, period.  No exceptions.  Every morning.

I write down the top 5 things I need to accomplish for the day, in no particular order.  It gives me focus that I need.  The Magic 5.  Ahhhhh…  It gives me a sense of accomplish when I cross those items off one by one. Woohoo!

Another item I’ve been working on as a result of the book too…checking my email twice per day.  Let’s just say that is a work in progress.  It’s incredible hard.  I check it whenever I am distracted.  Yes, distracted as Scott Belsky indicates.  Yes, sir…when I am distracted.  And its true.  Think about it.  Whenever you are distracted at work, what do you do?  Check your email, read the news, etc.?

Have you read Making Ideas Happen?  What did you think?  Do share.

Make it a great day!

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