Motivation Monday.

A question to ponder…  What motivates us?  Hmmm…
I think it’s a matter of the current priorities in our life and what goals we are trying to ascertain.  Does this sound about right?

For me, currently, I’m focusing on me.  I made a New Year’s Resolution for it to be the “year of me” and I’m working on that.  I mean this in a good way and not a selfish way.  I mean it with regard to mind, body, soul.  Also, it means minimize and/or eliminate the drama and stress I encounter.  I haven’t quite figured out the drama issue as of yet.  But, I do curtail it as much as possible and at times it is rather difficult.  The flipside of this equation is working out and eating right – a work-in-progress.  I reached a plateau with my work-out routine and my goal for the next 6-months is to step it up to the next level with physical results.  One of my goal’s is rock solid abs, a 6-pack if you will, and smaller hips and thighs.  Pretty good goals don’t you think?  And my motivation is the end result – the change in my physique.
So, what motivates you?  What’s your goals?


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