On the second day of Christmas…


On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me… two you’re invited invitations and i hope you know how much i care.

Invite the ones you love with a sassy invite from the selection of invitations over at BlondiesShop.com!  Are you ready to have that fabulous mustache party? All you need is a party, a date, the details and a great invitation.  Inside you want creative party details, and include the mustache!  It’s ok, go ahead, make an invitation statement!  Trust me, your guests will love it.  It’s a fun twist to an invite.

And don’t forget, receiving a handwritten note has a special sentiment to it.  Simple put, it’s a nice surprise.  One, that we don’t make time for in today’s busy world.  Take the time to write a line or two, add a stamp, and send the card on its merry little way!  Short and sweet is the way to go, remember, it’s the thought that counts.


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