The sixth day of Christmas…



On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me… six little {hello}’s, five golden trees, four french monograms, three winter wonderlands, two you’re invited, and one i hope you know how much i care.

This weekend was pretty productive, I got a lot accomplished!  Woohoo!  Double fist pumps for me.  That’s a good thing since the holidays are fast approaching!  I’m relieved to have several things checked off of my growing to-do list.  But, I still have plenty left to accomplish.  I hope to get a bunch done this week before and after work and thus leave the weekend somewhat free.  Somewhat.  I have one present that still needs to be completed! And I’ll admit I have a few more presents to pick up, but they are easy…gift cards.

Going Christmas light this year, I’m not going overboard and sticking with my budget.  It’s a must do, when trying to payoff credit cards and pay cash for everything.  I am a Number Nerd!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to send someone special some snail mail tomorrow morning.  Catch up on the first 5 days of Christmas here: first,  secondthirdfourth, and fifth.


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