Wanderlust Wednesday: Floating.

Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top:  I want to be doing this today.  Please?
I saw this picture and was like WOW! – I really want to be doing this raft, hat, book and all. 
Today this is where we will be!  Absolute heaven, don’t you agree?
So…pick grab your beach hat, your raft, and book of your choice {I’m reading Fifty Shades Freed). 
All set?!  Let’s go escape.  Enjoy!
{via here}
By the way, do tell what we are reading…?!


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    I’m reading Fifty Shades Freed, too! I’m taking this one slower than the other two….don’t want the story to end. Now if I could just be floating around in the ocean like the girl in the photo! Heaven, indeed! Angie

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