Workout Goal Setting.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know that I workout.  And sometimes it’s a lot and sometimes it’s a little.  I take a few days off.  I don’t always stick to the plan.  Yes, I’ll admit I deviate.  Sometimes, one just needs a day off.  Typically, my day off is Friday (date night after work) and at times Sunday.

Anyhow, over the weekend I was reading my June (2011) issue of Oxygen magazine and found a really great 5-point list on page 67 titled “Making it through your day.”  And don’t worry I’ll share the list.  On a side note:  I have about 50 Oxygen magazines in a wicker basket so I thought it necessary to indicate which issue and “year” this is coming from.  Funny, I know but it’s the honest to goodness truth – you never know when you might need to change up a routine and you need something new – and that’s what the “stack” is for!

Tosca Reno is quite the inspiration to anyone that reads Oxygen.  And I found a fabulous book of Tosca’s in my wicker basket…The Butt Book.  And a very nice find indeed.  Don’t worry I’ll be sharing tips from here as well over the next few weeks.

The point is this:  sometimes my motivation, stamina, drive, ambition to work out is non-existent.  Seriously, this happens to me.  And I think it is absolutely horrible, don’t you?  Basically, some days I’m just not feeling it.  And I imagine this happens to others as well not just me.  I can’t possibly be the only one who feels this way.  Ah-hem…anyone time now any of you reading this can comment and reassure me.  And thank you in advance for reassuring me.

I’ve been drinking Shakeology (part of BeachBody) daily since May 24th, 2011 – 16 days.  And I really love it.  It’s what I have for breakfast every day and it really fills me up.  I’ve cut out soda.  I drink a lot more water.  I have 0-1 cups of coffee per day.  I still drink my Starbucks Iced Venti or Treinta Green Tea but I’ve decreased my classic syrup down to 1 pump only.  Yay me!  I won’t say its been easy, it’s been hard.  However, I’m determined to eat better, drink better, and be healthier.  And along the way lose some weight and tighten up a few “problem” areas.  I’m also contemplating getting the BeachBody Insanity Workout program (DVD’s)…contemplating it.  It’s…shall we say…insane – the workout is.  But, I’m so ready for the exercises, etc.  Over the weekend purely by accident I caught an infomercial and I absolutely, positively, loved the trainer/creator and the exercises/premise, etc.  It’s a 60-day program, working out 6-days per week.  Still contemplating…I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s Tosca’s list “…to increase your stamina?”

  1. Plan your meals. (check)
  2. Carry your food with you. (check, well sort of I carry a cooler with me to work)
  3. Put your training session on the calendar and keep it. (check, put on calendar today)
  4. Measure your water for the day and take it with you. (I need to work on this one)
  5. Never skip breakfast! That will make your whole day go better. (check, and I so very much agree with this one).

For more on Tosca check out and

Have a fabulous day!  I hope these 5-tips help you increase YOUR stamina!  Until next time.


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